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Pizza Inn / Bohemian, 707 Saluda Avenue: Summer 2018   1 comment

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According to The State, the Saluda location of the Bohemian will be closing sometime this summer, with liquidation already underway. The related Devine Street decor store will not be closing. Here is a little more detail from The Columbia Star

This store only opened in 2010, so I must have driven or walked by previous tenants many times, but I cannot now bring any to mind.

(Hat tip to commenter palmettoconnection)

UPDATE 5 June 2018 -- Sale signs now up:


UPDATE 8 June 2018 -- In the comments for the Delaney's Speakeasy closing, commenter Joe Shlabotnik remarks that there was a Pizza Inn in the vicinity. Actually it turns out it was here:

Written by ted on May 8th, 2018

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  1. Reviews for this place are not very good on Google. Looking over their Facebook page, it looks like they are connected to the Bohemian Home store, which is located up Devine Street.

    Google Streetview goes back to 2007 and it looks then it was a place called "Sophie", I would guess it was another boutique type store.


    9 May 18 at 8:49 am

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