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Economy Inn, 1029 Briargate Circle: December 2009   4 comments

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I mentioned the situation of the Economy Inn on Briargate Circle in passing in my closing for The Delhi Palace Indian restaurnt which moved from the Inn to Saint Andrews Road.

To recap briefly, the place had gotten into a really odd state, and the original Lobby and meeting rooms in the front building by the restaurant had fallen into disuse and genteel disrepair. Oddly instead of combating this, the hotel had decided to lease the area to a church and remodel an area in the guest room building as a new lobby.

I don't know if it was triggered by Delhi Palace moving out and leaving the front building entirely unused or some other consideration, but the place has dropped the Economy Inn affiliation, and is now a Rodeway Inn & Suites (though you can still see the Economy Inn branding on the new lobby area for now.

Written by ted on January 12th, 2010

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4 Responses to 'Economy Inn, 1029 Briargate Circle: December 2009'

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  1. Odd that they'd go from non-chain back to chain.

    This was a Quality Inn in 1977 and 1989 listings, and Best Inn in 2000. Has it been anything else? Motel brands change all the time.

    Bobby P.

    12 Jan 10 at 12:36 am

  2. I'm pretty sure both 'Economy' & 'Rodeway" are chains.

    Yeah, hotels are weird like that. I remember in Rosslyn VA, there were a Holiday Inn and a Best Western Side by side. The next time I came back there was still a Holiday Inn and a Best Western side by side, but what had been the HI last time was now the BW and what had been the BW was now the HI..


    12 Jan 10 at 1:06 am

  3. This hotel was built as a Quality Inn In the 70's. It was corporately owned. It was actually on of the busiest and most popular in Columbia back in its day. The banquet area (where the Indian restaurant was) did a huge business at that time. Cork and Cleaver restaurant was next door and when it closed the Quality Inn bought the property and re- opened the restaurant as Brandi's. This is where the mexican restaurant is now. Several visiting football teams that played USC stayed at the hotel as late as 1984. In 1986 Quality Inn sold the hotel to a private company and it quickly went down hill as did the entire Broad River Road area.


    12 Jan 10 at 8:26 am

  4. Greg - your geography is a little offf.

    Cork & Cleaver and BB's (Brandi's) were on St. Andrews road in the building that was also John Paul's, D's, Baja, and now Delmonico Diner. The mexican restaruant is San Jose and its on Piney Grove Rd next to Hardees.

    The Chopping Block was originally behind this hotel. The Chopping Block was actually built first and everything else came later.


    13 Jan 10 at 8:51 am

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