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Strip Club / Flight Line / Uncle Doctors, 1734 Mobile Avenue: 2005   2 comments

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I have noticed this building on Mobile Avenue (off of Airport Boulevard fairly near the airport) a number of times over the years, though I don't believe it has always had the castle-like facade.

I used to fly out of the airport fairly often (though luckily I haven't had to fly for a few years now), and it seemed to me that for a while it was something different every time I drove past. I think in the 90s it was a strip club that morphed into a night club or vice versa, and a few more things before it became The Flight Line and then Uncle Doctors.

Google gave me a pointer to the old Uncle Doctors web site, and I was able to find some zombie versions in from whence the logos. Apparently Uncle Doctors was a sister club to Ground Zero in Spartanburg as they shared a site. The current occupant in the building apparently does wedding receptions and catering.

Written by ted on December 1st, 2009

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2 Responses to 'Strip Club / Flight Line / Uncle Doctors, 1734 Mobile Avenue: 2005'

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  1. Was this where the Opening Break was? I think it was in that same general area. For a while, there were a few around town in the late 80s. The club in the late 90s might have been "Shangri-La," but I'm not sure of that. I know there was one off St. Andrews Rd (which had probably closed by the time this one was operating), but I keep thinking that this might have been the name here, too.


    2 Dec 09 at 10:03 am

  2. I actually had my senior semi/winter formal there...It seemed really nice now. but knowing that it used to be the "sister club" to ground zero...there must have been A LOT of cleaning and remodeling to do, if it was is any kind of the same shape as GZ.


    8 Feb 10 at 2:22 am

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