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Gotham Bagel Cafe, 1508 Main Street: 14 Sept 2010   15 comments

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I have to admit I never made it to Gotham Bagel Cafe. Originally, Manhatten Bagel / Holey Dough was much closer than what was then Rising High on Main. After Holey Dough closed, Brueggers was still closer, and has a worthwhile bottomless coffee card deal. Then, even if I happened to be downtown, parking would have figured into the equation. All that's to say I kinda, sorta, figured I would get around to it some day, but -- too late!

I remember two interesting stories about this place from The State. The first was interesting and quirky: It seemed that the owner had no experience with bagels at all, and was opening a bagel shop almost on a lark, and learning as she went along. Apparently she was a good learner, as the comments people have left here so far about the place have been positive.

The second story was interesting and scary. It seems that someone (I believe it was the owner, but I could be wrong) had gotten his or her clothes hooked on an industrial kneader and was in danger of being pulled into the machine and being chopped and kneaded to death, but was in the event saved by someone who had no idea how to work the machine, but found the cut-off in time.

The closing sign implies that something is in the works for this space. I certainly hope so, as the old Kress building is a downtown treasure. As of 17 September 2010, the Gotham web site is still up, but it gives no indication that the store is closed, or what might happen next.

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Written by ted on September 16th, 2010

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