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Sprint, 5301-C Forest Drive: 2009   1 comment

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This Sprint cellular store is, or was, in the same little strip on Forest Drive more or less across from the movies that also recently lost Ela's European Market & Deli. I have a bit of a soft spot for Sprint, though I've never used them for anything other than a phonecard, because back in the day they used to do some interesting programming projects. My employer worked R&D contracts with them a number of times, and that led to me spending a good many weeks in Overland Park Kansas, which aside from maybe Seoul, is the coldest place I have ever been. I remember one project there where when I drove past a bank on the way to Sprint in the morning, it was -5F and when I drove back to the hotel after work it was +5F. I was also in the room once when the then president of Sprint took a call from Donald Trump who was checking to see if Sprint could handle the call-in volume for his Miss Universe pageant. At some point after that, Sprint cut out most of their R&D and became an off-the-rack operation though I doubt that had much to do with why this store closed..

UPDATE 1 Oct 2010 -- This Sprint store (and Ela's Deli next door) are now part of a 24-hour fitness center.

Written by ted on December 17th, 2009

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