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Resale Revue, 906 Axtell Drive: 2011   1 comment

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I wrote about this place a good while ago in a closing for The Gamecock Theater, and actually in that closing, from 2008, I noted that it also was closed. It may not exactly be that simple though.

Anyway, Resale Revue, in its first incarnation, was an antique-mall type of place. I only went in once, and it seemed it skewed more towards flea-market type antiques (old records, toasters etc) than antique furniture -- which was fine by me. I think I may have gotten a dial telephone there, but I have a number of them (two still hooked up..) and can't really recall.

That incarnation was gone by 2008, but I noticed this year that the place was hosting events for the Indie Grits Festival using the old theater space as a venue. Given that the a Colliers Keenan sign was in place in 2008 and is still in place, I'm guessing that the owners rent the space out for events from time to time as they are able, and the name carries over as nobody is going to change the sign for that.

Update 2 September 2020: Take "Parkland Plaza" out of the post title and add it as a tag. Add map icon, update tags in general.

Written by ted on October 12th, 2011

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  1. They've had a lot of giant garage sales for animal missions there. Kinda hit and miss, but you can usually catch the ads for them in the garage sale section of the paper for Cayce-West Columbia. Usually, they have a lot of good old books to select from.


    13 Oct 11 at 6:52 am

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