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Car Wash, 180 Commercial Drive: 2023   3 comments

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Here's a self-service car wash adjacent to Seven Oaks Shopping Center which appears to be defunct. The name may be Seven Oaks Car Wash, Inc., or it may not.

3 Responses to 'Car Wash, 180 Commercial Drive: 2023'

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  1. Yeah, it's been gone for about a year or so now. I could have sworn I reported it when I first noticed it. I was sorry to see it go as it was my preferred car wash. Most people don't seem to want to actually wash their car anymore though and instead like all the fancy new drive thru places so I'm not shocked to see it go. Thirty+ years ago when I was in high school the car wash was owned by my Algebra teacher's family. I'd see her there on the weekends emptying the coins out the machines.

    There has been some activity over there the last couple of weeks though - it looks like maybe they are cleaning the site up in preparation for whatever is going to take over that spot. I can't imagine it will continue to operate as a self-serve car wash, but I'd be thrilled if it did.

    Side note, but related -- has there been any discussion of what's to come of the Deno's building? I know the family has no plans to ever reopen, but I haven't seen anything about the building being for sale yet.


    22 Aug 23 at 11:02 pm

  2. Like Gypsie I've noticed activity on this site in the last month or so and was about to mention it but this post came about before I got around to doing so...

    I wonder if something is happening to this and the Deno's at the same time...stay tuned...


    23 Aug 23 at 9:16 pm

  3. Word on the street is that the guy who owns Mr. Nick's Car Wash is planning to build another car wash on this site. Seems dumb to me, but...


    30 Aug 23 at 3:36 pm

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