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South Carolina Dream Wings / Uncle Ozzy's, 3315 Farrow Road: 12 September 2019   2 comments

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Well, I took my eyes off the old Popeye's location, and missed two closings.

South Carolina Dream Wings was the follow on to Jade Palace which closed in early 2018. South Carolina Dream Wings opened shortly thereafter, and I'm not sure when they closed.

After that, and without ever getting around to changing all the signs, Uncle Ozzy's opened. It was, in a complete change for this spot, a schnitzel operation. The Free Times highlighted it as a Bite Of the Week location, proving once again Yogi Berra's observation that It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future:

The location has had a long and varied history, but Ozzy gives you a good feeling that this could be a place that sticks around for a really long time.

[Update: Uncle Ozzy's closed suddenly after Free Times sampled its Hunterschnitzel on Sept. 12.]

Looking at Uncle Ozzy's Facebook page, it appears that the owners had a falling out.

UPDATE 12 May 2020 Fix the address. There seems to be some confusion, but I think it's 3315 Farrow Road. Certainly what I had (3115 Farrow) was wrong. Also, hope springs eternal. This place is now Noisy Wings:


Written by ted on November 18th, 2019

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  1. This building and the Boeshreen building on Decker look exactly alike. Do you know if these were both originally built to be Popeyes? I recall the one on Decker being a Popeyes and then a Taco Bell for a long time in the '70s and 80s.


    8 Dec 19 at 5:25 am

  2. Yes, both Popeye's buildings. The Boeshreen one has I believe done away with the rocky facade now. You can see previous incarnations if you click on the street address tags. (Although I didn't start doing those until the last few years, I think I have gone back and done them for both of those buildings).


    8 Dec 19 at 11:44 am

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