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Red Beans and Rice Jazz Cafe / Sugar Daddy's Jazz Cafe, 300 Saint Andrews Road Suite 10: 16 January 2023   2 comments

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I admit to being a little confused about the status of this place. I have never seen any cars there, and the Facebook page shows no recent activity. Furthermore, I recently drove by there at 10pm on a Saturday night and everything was dark. But there is no indication on the door that they are out of business, the street sign seems fairly new, and there are recent google reviews.

Can anyone confirm whether they are open or closed?

UPDATE 27 January 2023 -- Initially this post was a request for information as I could never tell if the place were open. (One commenter supplied the tidbit that they did not open before midnight). Now it is a closing, as the shopping center has suffered a fire, centered on this club.




The Clusters of Whitehall, 300 Saint Andrews Road: 2007-ish (Reflagged)   29 comments

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When the sun is just right, you can look at the "tower" at the north-west corner of St Andrews Center and almost read the outlines of the lettering that has been taken down from the top. If you actually could read it, it would say The Clusters of Whitehall.

The way I remember it, at one time, The Clusters of Whitehall was a very tony place. It seemed to me that many of the shops had radio ads on the old WIS radio, and when the announcer would sonorously intone "...located in The Clusters of Whitehall", it sounded as though he might as well be saying "...located on Rodeo Drive".

Times change and areas go up and down. Saint Andrews Road as a whole has certainly seen better times, and The Clusters were really convienient neither to I-20 nor I-26 as traffic in the area increased and more stop-lights were added. By the 1980s, The Clusters were in decline.

I'm not really sure of the original store roster (we rarely went to that side of town at all) but I think they had a Fresh Market as sort of an upscale anchor. This report says that as of December 2000, The Clusters were only 55% occupied and that a new call center and Tuesday Morning would bring them up to 94% occupied. It also gives a partial list of former stores: Heavenly Ham, Nocturnal Home Diagnostics, Gregory's To Go, Gold Leaf Gallery and Avant Gardener.

After that, google turns up another hit for the property being sold to Ziff Properties Inc in April 2006. There is another story from The State that was widely linked, but is no longer generally available. There is enough text left in the google hit, however, to say that by May 18 2008, the place was being referred to as "the former Clusters of Whitehall", leading me to guess that the new name St Andrews Center was probably coined in 2007. Currently while the place doesn't appear in any terminal distress, it is obviously now a lower rent type operation than before with correspondingly lower expectations for the quality of tenants and level of occupancy.

Finally, I was always confused about The Cloisters of Whitehall vs The Clusters of Whitehall. I haven't made a deep study of the matter, but my googling for this post suggests that the Cloisters is a real-estate subdivision in the area while the Clusters was the mall.

UPDATE 27 January 2023: Adding tags & map icon, adding the full street address in the post title.


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