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Bright Animal Clinic, 2444 Decker Boulevard: 31 December 2011   3 comments

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This building was built as a Taco Cid and I ate there from time to time in the 1980s. I believe that Bright Animal Clinic was the first, and so far only, operation to use the building since Taco Cid left.

The clinic's closing sign mentions that they were established in 1971, so a) This is obviously not their first location and b) That's a 40 year run, and sounds like a well deserved retirement.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the building. There still have been no takers for the nearby Olive Garden and Red Lobster buildings, but the nearby laundry does OK, and there should be a fair number of ofice workers in the area after the county finishes the takeover of Decker Mall.

(Hat tip to commenter Matt)

UPDATE 18 April 2013 -- It's to be an Atlantic Seafood:


UPDATE 25 April 2013 -- The building sign is up:



UPDATE 17 February 2014 -- Atlantic Seafood is finally open:




Written by ted on February 2nd, 2012

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3 Responses to 'Bright Animal Clinic, 2444 Decker Boulevard: 31 December 2011'

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  1. Columbia City Council has some sort of plan up their sleeve to revive Decker Blvd. as 'Columbia's International Corridor' and maybe this will join that quest (I lack the psychic powers to know how it'll all pan out)


    2 Feb 12 at 11:31 pm

  2. Dr. Bright is a nice man and a good vet. He has earned his rest.


    3 Feb 12 at 12:53 pm

  3. That's funny. I was established back in 1971 as well.

    I used to always eat at this Taco Cid. We were able to leave campus for lunch in high school, and I also knew some peeps who worked there. The sweet tea was fantastic. The hot sauce is still made solely for Taco Cid.
    The Taco Cid in West Columbia carries the tradition. I try to eat there when I am in town visiting family, although they can't decide whether to stay open, or not, on Sundays. Make up your mind people. The one that was on Broad River Rd. never tasted like these two. The hot sauce is still made solely for Taco Cid.


    8 Feb 12 at 3:39 pm

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