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Main Street Home, 7740 Broad River Road: 24 July 2021 (Moved)   1 comment

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Main Street Home was the follow-on operation in this Broad River Road location to Floor It Now. According to their Facebook page, they moved to the new location at 1711 Lake Murray Boulevard on 24 July 2021. This is shown in the second set of pictures (though they did not come out very well).

I am not sure what is next for this building. Apparently it was listed on LoopNet at one time, but currently does not seem to be there. Commenter Andrew has noticed that some of the adjacent property has been sold, so perhaps something is in the works.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 30 September 2021: Added second picture, above, of the old location with the signage down.

Written by ted on September 22nd, 2021

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  1. So this is an interesting update. Main Street Home had closed in late 2019 or early 2020 with the intent of focusing on the home staging business (i.e., furnishing model homes, apartments, etc.). They moved to a warehouse at 214 Bickley Road in Lexington known as the "Purple Warehouse." They were only open to the Public on the first Thursday of each month. According to a comment on a May 7, 2020 post on their Facebook page they sold the Broad River Road property, but the buyer backed out because of COVID. They then reopened the Broad River location on a limited basis. Apparently, they have since sold the Broad River property a second time and moved to Lake Murray Blvd.

    James R

    7 Oct 21 at 10:18 pm

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