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Columbia King Buffet, 109 Woodland Hills Road: August 2014   35 comments

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There seems to be some dispute whether this building is at 109 Woodland Hills Road or 788 Saint Andrews Road. The yellow pages listing and the '109' on their mailbox settles it for me as the first. There's also a bit of a discrepancy between the "closed for remodeling" signs at the front door, and the realty sign by the curb. I believe in this case the bigger sign wins, and this building is now on the market.

As you might guess just from the 'look', this rather large and rambling faux tudor building once housed one of Columbia's two Steak & Ale restaurants.

(Hat tip to commenter Arthur)

Tony O's Pizza, 780 Saint Andrews Road: late 2011   18 comments

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Tony O's Pizza is the follow-on operation to Steak Out, in a little building next to the Waffle House (and in front of Cussin' Bill's) just west of the I-26/Saint Andrews Road interchange.

I had noticed some time late last year that it was a Friday or Saturday night, prime pizza time, and the place didn't seem to be open. I wasn't totally sure as it was rather late. Even stopping by didn't settle matters, since as far as I could tell, everything inside was ready-to-go and there was no posted sign. The fact that the door was chain locked seemed unusual, but not conclusive.

Finally I stopped by one night and there was a sign on the door indicating an emergency and that the place would re-open in early March. I certainly hope everybody is OK, but it seems clear now that at the least, the place is closed for an extended period (though the sign is now gone).

UPDATE 19 May 2012 -- As commenter Andrew notes, the signs for Tony O's have now been taken off the building, so I'm taking "temporary?" off the post title:



UPDATE 23 June 2012 -- As mentioned in the comments, this is to be another Nick's, and the "coming soon" sign is already up:

UPDATE 12 September 2012 -- Work continues on Nick's:



Written by ted on May 1st, 2012

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Cussin' Bill's Eats & Drinks / BAWA Oyster Co / Cadillac's, 110 Woodland Hills Road: July 2010 etc   19 comments

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Cussin' Bill's is another place I would hear about but never go around to going to. It may be just as well. From the name, I always assumed it was mainly a restaurant, but this 1997 Administrative Law Court judgement makes clear that at least by 1996 it was operating as one of South Carolina's ubiquitious video poker malls.

At this remove, it's easy to forget how pervasive video poker was in the state at that time, and how odd the operating conditions were. Video poker was legal, but only just tolerated and the ostensible rule was that no one business could operate more than 5 machines. This, of course, led to many places implementing the "mall" concept. Each room of 5 machines was operated, on paper, as a separate business. In this case, it was found that Cussin' Bill's did not have employees in each room to maintain the fiction, and they got landed with a $5000 fine and lost most of their machines.

I'm not sure when Cussin' Bill's closed. I don't think that ruling was the end for them, but I could be wrong. At any rate, after they closed, the next operation in the building was BAWA Oyster Co about which I know nothing, other than presumably they served oysters (something I have less than no interest in).

I don't even know that much about the most recent tenant, Cadallic's, which folded earlier this year. Judging from Have Your Say notes by commenters Joel & O'Reilly, it was connected with the 360 Sports Bar (also now closed) on Bush River Road, and may or may not have been a strip club.

I have to say it's a fairly attractive building (across Woodland Hills road from the old Steak & Ale and behind the old Na href="">Steak Out) with a very nice deck. There is a lot of traffic, of course, on nearby I-20 and Saint Andrews Road, but the building is well off of those, and is fairly quiet. It seems to me that some sort of casual restaurant could do well there -- I certainly wouldn't mind having a burger or burrito out on the deck in the spring or fall.

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Written by ted on November 9th, 2010

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