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Hooters, 852 Mall Drive (Murrells Inlet): Fall 2009   2 comments

Posted at 1:45 am in closing

I've been spending some time on the coast recently (Brookgreen Gardens had a nice little fall festival this weekend), and noticed this closing while driving by the terminally-ailing Inlet Square Mall where US-17 Business and US-17 Bypass come together at Murrells Inlet.

Tracking Grand Strand closings would be a full time job as the area has incredible churn, but I can't resist listing some here from time to time. Just two thoughts:

a) The economy must really be bad if Hooters can't sell what's on their menu.


b) They have a pre-printed company-logo sign (with slogan) for store closings?

UPDATE 29 August 2011 -- It's now The Carolina Tavern:

UPDATE 24 June 2024 -- Adding map icon. Updating address from 825 Mall Drive to 852 Mall drive. Updating tags

2 Responses to 'Hooters, 852 Mall Drive (Murrells Inlet): Fall 2009'

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  1. This doesn't surprise me. I remember going down to the beach in the off season and this Hooters' location would only be open during the summer.

    You're right Ted, the economy is pretty bad when Hooters can't make it.

    It's a shame about the whole Inlet Square Mall area. It's pretty much dead.


    29 Oct 09 at 8:28 am

  2. Ate there Summer 2001, it had been open since maybe 2000. It was very busy and successful at least through 2006, I'm guessing the new anti-biker laws ruined it....

    Ryan G

    1 May 13 at 3:26 pm

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