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Candy Boquet, 109-W Old Chapin Road: August 2013   no comments

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The Lexington franchaise of Candy Boquet was in this theater-themed storefront in the Flight Deck complex at the corner of Old Chapin Road and US-1. Just looking at the national webside makes me think of Edible Arrangements somewhat, though with the bonus that you don't have to eat your boquet before it goes bad.

I wonder what this storefront was originally? Perhaps a video rental store? Looking at the marquee in full resolution, you can see that there are words behind the current Or Lease text, but I can't really make it out.

Just as a side note, driving this section of US-1 is purely miserable in Lexington at this time. Just past The Flight Deck there is a bad section of roadwork exacerbated by unsyncronized lights.

(Hat tip to commenter James)

Written by ted on August 29th, 2013

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