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Thayer Prop Shop / P & R On Frink, 523 Frink Street: 2010   2 comments

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Back to Frink Street! Google only turns up one hit for Thayer Prop Shop on Frink, but from the name, presumably it specialized in theatrical props. It doesn't seem to me that would be a large market in the Columbia area, so perhaps they did a wider business both geographically and in the definition of what a "prop" is. On the other hand, I could be completely off base, and they might have sold bass-boat or airplane propellors..

At any rate, they apparently came before P & R On Frink as that operation's sign is what is still on the building. I can say with a little more certainty that this was a used car operation, though setting the closing date as 2010 is a total guess. I did not find any hit which told what the 'P' & the 'R' stood for either.

Written by ted on June 4th, 2011

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2 Responses to 'Thayer Prop Shop / P & R On Frink, 523 Frink Street: 2010'

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  1. I'd wager the Prop Shop was a boat repair place. I don't recall it being anything other than a used car lot.

    The funny thing about that building is that the addition on the side at one time had a telephone pole coming right up in the middle of it. Strangest looking thing.


    6 Jun 11 at 6:41 am

  2. This was location was Don's used cars from the early 1980's until arround 1993 i grew up less than 1 block from there on frink st across from Capital City Casket factory. they are now located on hwy one just before watling road


    11 Dec 12 at 11:47 pm

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