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Jeff Price Tennis, Ski & Skate / Peter Glenn Ski & Sports, 2127 Devine Street: 8 March 2009   2 comments

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I noticed on the electronic sign you see when you're at the Harden Street light heading downtown on Gervais a month or so ago that Peter Glenn Ski & Sports was going out of business.

The only time in my life I've even almost gone skiing was in, I think, ninth grade when we had a class trip to a North Carolina slope but I got sick and had to give my place to a cousin. It's probably just as well as I'm sure I would have broken something. All that is to say that I never went into, or considered going into, Peter Glenn.

The window "murals" were nice though!

UPDATE 16 April 2009: Commenter Brian notes that this place used to be "Jeff Price Tennis & Ski". I have updated the post title to include that. He also notes that the last day of "Peter Glenn" was probably 8 March 2009, and I have made that update to the post title as well.

UPDATE 13 May 2010: Rearranged Post title to put "Jeff Price" first, and added the "& skate"

UPDATE 4 February 2016 -- As noted by commenter Joe Shlabotnik, this place has been torn down:




Written by ted on April 14th, 2009

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  1. FYI - This was "Jeff Price Tennis & Ski" previously. Peter Glenn bought it sometime in the 90's(?), he has at least one store (still open) in the Atlanta area.

    FWIW - Jeff Price was the first place I ever rented skis from in the very early 90's. I remember the strong smell that would confront you when walked into the place...I'm assuming it was the wax they used on the skis.

    I'm pretty certain their last day was 3/8/09. I was in there that day seeing if they had anything left that was drastically marked down.

    I had been there a few weeks prior and actually bought a pair of skis for a very good price. Chris back in the service shop told me that he and a few of the other employees were looking into buying the place, doing some renovations (including rearranging the horrible layout of the door/entryway) and reopening again in the fall. I guess we'll see if that happens.


    15 Apr 09 at 6:58 am

  2. I bet ya that North Carolina slope you went to was Beech Mountain. (Ski Beech). The ski club in the small town I live in go to Beech Mountain to go skiing.

    James Greek

    11 Jul 09 at 6:17 pm

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