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Attic Treasures, 1516 Augusta Road: Summer 2010   2 comments

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Here's a little antique store in West Columbia that I'm afraid I never got around to visiting. Here's what commenter Larry had to say about it:

Small but missed is the Attic Treasures on Meeting Street (I think). It was a typical antique mall with lots of booths offering things from lots of people. It was in this odd building and a bit smaller than most but still a great place to find neat things like an old manual typewriter for $15.

It sounds like the kind of place I would find interesting. I really don't like high-end shops with a lot of antique furniture, I like places with a lot of "old stuff" -- the warehouse antique mall on State Street being a prime example (as was the lamented Dixie Used Furniture in the Vista.

In fact, I bought the first Closing-Cam at an "antique mall" in Fernandina Beach, making it the first "antique" digital camera I'm aware of..

("Hats Off To Larry")

UPDATE 21 January 2012 -- It's now Perkins Jewelry & More as seen in this not very good drive-by picture:

Written by ted on August 25th, 2010

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  1. I noticed yesterday a little house along Meeting with the name Attic Treasures on the sign out front, but I am really not sure if this is the same owners or not.


    27 Aug 10 at 12:49 pm

  2. Years ago this was a car repair place - the front door wasn't there - but there was a big garage door you could pull into. I never went there, but remember driving by. Maybe before the library was built nearby?


    14 Jan 11 at 4:21 pm

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