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Callaros / Fatties / Bogie's / Dazzler's, Inc. / L. A. Nights / Arong Cafe / One to One Daycare / Aunty's Daycare, 7303 Firelane Road: 2007 (etc)   8 comments

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Well, this much re-purposed building on Firelane Road, behind Lowe's, the old Spring Valley Theater, and old Byte Shop locations is vacant again. That's probably a good thing in the last few months, as I think Firelane Road has been pretty well shut down for bridge work, or at least there was a detour sign up at Two Notch to that effect for a while. Somehow I never made it to any of these businesses. Granted the bars or daycare would have been a stretch, but an Italian restaurant should have been right up my alley. I guess I was living out of town for its whole lifespan, because I don't recall it at all.

It's a little hard to put all these businesses in chronological order. I have links for two ABC permit rulings that establish that Dazzler's, Inc. was granted a permit on 13 Oct 1994 and L. A. Nights was granted a permit on 17 Aug 1998.

The ruling for L. A. Nights establishes Fatties, Bogie's and Callaros as having preceded Dazzler's, but doesn't give a timeline. It does suggest that all the previous occupants caused parking problems for the local community. Commenter Allie in Have Your Say suggests a 1988/1989 timeframe for Callaros, so I have put it first.

I'm not sure where the Arong Cafe fits into the timeline. I know I always somehow had the impression that this building started as a Korean nightclub, but that would have been a long time ago, and apparently Arong was recent enough to be in some online sources.

The timeline for One to One Daycare and Aunty's Daycare is a bit unclear as well. Apparently both business ran afoul of some regulations you have to follow if you have a private well, One to One in 2004 and Aunty's in 2007.

That would imply that Aunty's was the last business there, except that the surviving signage is for One to One...

At any rate, the last operation was certainly a daycare as the playground equipment is all still in place.

(Hat tip to commenter Allie).

Written by ted on June 1st, 2010

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8 Responses to 'Callaros / Fatties / Bogie's / Dazzler's, Inc. / L. A. Nights / Arong Cafe / One to One Daycare / Aunty's Daycare, 7303 Firelane Road: 2007 (etc)'

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  1. Ted,

    I remember eating here when this was Callaros in the summer of 1991. I had heard it advertised on a radio show called Jazz Flavors that used to be on during that time. I can't remember the station though. It was a bit pricey, but the food and atmosphere were excellent. I think they had live piano music as well.


    3 Jun 10 at 3:13 pm

  2. Randy:

    That was the old Star 93.5 WAAS. I was the beneficiary of that advertising relationship at least once. The place was very nice inside, but I can't remember at all my impression about the food. I did recall that my impression was that it was another Columbia business with a bad location. For some reason, we like to locate businesses in places that are not immediately and obviously accessible. The Chopping Block has a similar issue. Only long time residents knew how to get to it.


    3 Jun 10 at 11:32 pm

  3. I remember when this was Callaros in the late 80s or early 90s. It had a big sign above the door. I would see it from I-20 while riding in the car with my parents. I was still in elementary school and I remember thinking it looked like a very adult, glamorous place to eat. Thanks for doing this blog; I love reading it and remembering places.


    3 Aug 10 at 7:26 pm

  4. Thanks Ginny!

    Check out the Alphabetical Closings link for a somewhat organized list.


    4 Aug 10 at 8:52 pm

  5. I think this building was built on the site of a landscaping and plant nursery which moved to Lexington. I bought some plants there and got some landscaping done by them, but I do not recall the name of the business. It was hard to get to for sure.

    Bentz Kirby

    8 Dec 11 at 9:44 am

  6. Sometime after this closed as Collaro's, Mr. Collaro reopened iton Assembly Street, but I don't think it lasted long there.


    8 Dec 11 at 11:27 am

  7. This was Callaros in 1986. My boyfriend and I went there for our pre-prom dinner.

    Miz Terry

    10 Jan 14 at 7:32 pm

  8. I was a bartender for L.A. Nights in 1995. Throughout the years I moved back and forth between there and LB's Dynasty. I was working at L.A. Nights part-time in 1998, it's the last year I worked for L.A. Garrett (now deceased). He had gone into business with someone, I don't know who because I was seldom there due to working at Ft. Jackson. I'm wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have a liquor license the previous years. You just never knew what to expect from L.A. but always knew he was up to something.


    17 May 14 at 2:15 pm

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