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Furniture & Mattress Overstock, 932 North Lake Drive: Summer 2022   1 comment

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This storefront first featured here as Stein Mart, which closed in 2020. Last fall, it was briefly a Spirit Halloween popup, and then Furniture & Mattress Overstock opened in the spot.

It now appears that they are closing after less than a year at this location.

One curious thing is that Stein Mart was listed as 934 North Lake Drive, while Furniture & Mattress Overstock lists as 932 North Lake Drive. I'm not sure why that is, and which, if either, is actually correct.

Written by ted on July 7th, 2022

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One Response to 'Furniture & Mattress Overstock, 932 North Lake Drive: Summer 2022'

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  1. I had not noticed this place existed though I had passed it regularly. I stopped at the music store and noticed it and happened to be looking for a computer desk. When I walked in, I was greeted by a nice young man. He noticed my Hawkins AV Club t-shirt and we started discussing Stranger Things. He then helped me look at some desks. However there was some woman there who pulled him away and started berating him about how she didn't like the way the store was organized. She was threatening to close it down and fire that guy. She said nothing to the other 2 employees who were just standing around. She was so loud and so mean and focused on the arrangement of mattresses, that I left. Little wonder they closed when they treat their employees so badly in front of a customer. Hope that guy got a better job at a better place.

    Dave Adair

    1 Aug 22 at 12:22 pm

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