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Dr. Feelgood's, 922 Main Street: mid-1990s   10 comments

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Someone mentioned in Have Your Say a while back that they thought Miyo's on Main Street was closed. When I was in the area and decided to check it out, I found it to not be the case.

However, in looking at the Miyo's building, I noticed the old wall markings for Dr. Feelgood's, a place I had never gone to and had not even thought about for years. In fact, while I had heard the name, I never realized that this was the location. I just assumed it was in Five Points or on Rosewood. (I also have sort of a mental blank spot for Main south of the Capitol -- If someone says "it's on Main Street", I automatically think of Main from Gervais to Elmwood..).

UPDATE 13 Feb 2010: Changed closing date from "1980s" to "mid-1990s" based on comments and looking in the 1998 phonebook.

Written by ted on February 12th, 2010

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10 Responses to 'Dr. Feelgood's, 922 Main Street: mid-1990s'

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  1. Anyone remember the two story building that's now the parking lot in the last photo?

    It had several businesses in it. Downstairs on the south end was the famous Dairy Bar, and upstairs in the middle was a Christian coffee house/concert hall/hangout called The Upper Room.


    12 Feb 10 at 2:01 am

  2. The Cock Pit used to there before Dr Feelgoods. This was in the early 90s.


    12 Feb 10 at 5:44 am

  3. Anybody remember a foosball parlor called Dezek's that was here around the peak years of the Campus Club South, which would have been circa 1976? We would take a break from the Campus Club and wobble over to Dezek's, play a couple of quick foosball games, and then wobble back to listen to the third set of some progressive-rock band playing the Campus Club.

    Michael Taylor

    12 Feb 10 at 6:38 pm

  4. The Cockpit closed sometime before 1992. Dr. Feelgood's opened sometimes after September 1992. I remember recording the commercials for it and it had all the hallmarks of a place that wasn't going to be open long:

    1. Heavy/hard rock bands
    2. Name derived after a song/movie/band/famous person (in this case song)
    3. Located away from any other similar business so you had to make it a point to go there, rather than drop in.

    I am sure it was somebody's baby, love and passion. But not necessarily a good business case...


    13 Feb 10 at 11:12 am

  5. I'll change the closing date from 1980s to mid-1990s then. (It's definitely not in the 1998 phonebook).


    13 Feb 10 at 6:45 pm

  6. I think I remember Miyo's opening around 1994 or 95.


    14 Feb 10 at 2:55 pm

  7. If I'm not completely mistaken, there was a nightclub known as THE BAT CAVE in that same location.

    It might have lasted 6 months.

    My old rock band played at Dr. FEELGOODS and THE BAT CAVE in the early to mid 90s.


    22 Feb 10 at 11:07 am

  8. The Cockpit closed around '92 and shortly thereafter became Dr. Feelgoods, which closed around 95 or 96 and then the Bat Cave opened for about 3 months.


    18 Mar 12 at 8:28 pm

  9. O'henry's was there around the mid late 80's, the green awning at the doorway said hooters for some reason, to the left side was a bar called Rainbow's, private knock on the door deal, a burger king was to the right & an irish type pub a little more to the right, cant remember the name, O'henry's was hoppin in its day, the owner later opened Concerts Plus, maybe where striders was at one time, Blanding st. area.


    10 Feb 14 at 2:21 am

  10. In 1978, a bar called "Fritz's" opened here. Don't know how long it was open.


    5 Aug 14 at 7:31 am

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