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Mary Ella's, 2911 Millwood Avenue, early 2010   1 comment

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This picture comes from commenter Dennis, who says:

I was very excited when Mary Ella's opened about a year ago because I'm in this neighborhood a lot and there's nowhere to eat lunch. (2911 Millwood is across the street from Epworth Children's Home property.)

I went exactly once and the food was good, and hot, and not overly expensive, but... you know how sometimes a place just isn't for you even though you couldn't say why? Maybe it's because the place is so tiny -- about 10 tables -- and soo quiet. Great place to read I guess. They advertised a southern homemade style buffet, but the building is so small the buffet stayed on the stove in the kitchen and the one waitress brought you what you asked for from a chalkboard menu. Made me self-conscious about seconds and thirds, which to me is the point of a buffet.

So Mary Ella's is done and the banner promises the grand opening of Cafe Millwood. Could not tell if they're open yet or not. I peeked through the windows and did not see any change at all from Mary Ella's. The sign says breakfast which will be great if true.

I do know that feeling. In a small place especially, you can get too much attention.

Written by ted on February 12th, 2010

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  1. It looks like Cafe Millwood has closed now, too. I've driven by at breakfast and lunch times and have seen the closed sign up. We went once, but decided not to go back. Maybe we weren't the only ones...

    Mary Douglass

    12 Dec 11 at 1:40 pm

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