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Auto Sound Lab, 2941 Two Notch Road: 1980s   3 comments

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I've been misplacing and finding these pictures ever since commenter Rick sent them, but here they finally are. Commenter Rick says:


Attached are a few photos of my store at 2941 Two Notch Road when our new sign was going up. It does not show the building very well but in the back ground just past the McDonald's sign, you can see the old Chappy's Fish and Chips sign that you mentioned in your Carzzz 2941 post. You can also see my old 1976 blue corvette that was in the middle bay of the picture I sent from my Five Points location.

I would also note that in the background of the first picture, you can see the old AMC dealership, where I bought the worst piece of junk ever assembled: the 1983 Renault Alliance. Man, was I ever glad to see the last of that marvel of Franco-American technology.

The building on this lot is now a dental office.

Written by ted on March 15th, 2016

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3 Responses to 'Auto Sound Lab, 2941 Two Notch Road: 1980s'

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  1. Did you know the Pnut man?

    There was a older man that sold pnuts at that corner.


    15 Mar 16 at 10:39 pm

  2. I remember the Pnut Man. We never bought anything from him, but he was always there when we drove by. I think The State did a profile of him at one time.


    16 Mar 16 at 12:03 am

  3. Oh man, I vaguely remember this place. Love old photos like this.

    Mr Bill

    31 Mar 16 at 10:04 am

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