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Coin Laundry, 1735 Decker Boulevard Unit 30: late 2000s   1 comment

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This laundromat was in the Family Dollar plaza on Decker. I've been to several of the coin laundries on Decker over the years when either the washer or dryer was on the blink. My favorite is the one in front of the old Target which has very active family management -- there was always someone sweeping, mopping or otherwise keeping the place tidy, and once the woman in charge was taken aback by my incompetence at shirt folding and showed me how to do it right (it didn't take, I'm afraid). This one I never made it to.

The marquee name of Coin Laundry seems to be more a description than an official name, so I'm not exactly sure when it closed, but I'm guessing within the last few years.

Written by ted on September 11th, 2014

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  1. I have never been to this laundry but I know where it is/was.
    I have used coin laundries in the past due to the same reasons Ted mentioned.
    I purchased a Maytag washer years ago that came out of a coin laundry, it had been used to the point the laundry thought it was time to upgrade their equipment, so there is no telling how long the washer had been in service.
    I got very good service out of the washer for five years, the washer still had the coin slots on it and my wife would need to put two quarters in to activate the wash cycle.
    She would get so angry with me because I would not give her the key to retrieve the quarters, and I used the money she put in to buy beer.
    After five years we purchased a new washer, against my wishes, and sold the old washer to a friend. The last I heard, he was still using the washer and has not had any problems with it. The washer was HEAVY DUTY with a stainless steel bowl. It would probably have lasted forever.


    11 Sep 14 at 10:54 am

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