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Bostick-Tompkins Funeral Home, 2000 Laurel Street: July 2001 (moved)   no comments

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I was a little surprised when Google turned this building up as a funeral home. Given the radio tower I had guessed it was some sort of maintainence facility with radio dispatched trucks. Of course, Bostick-Tompkins moved to Colonial Drive in 2001, so it could have been several things since then (though Google doesn't turn them up, and Bostick-Tompkins apparently still owns the building). Also, given that the City Data tax information says the building was built in 1967, and Bostick-Tompkins was established in 1988, it could have been several things before that.

Written by ted on November 4th, 2011

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Pizza Inn / San Jose Restaurante Mexicano, 4722 Forest Drive: 31 October 2011   13 comments

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I liked this San Jose pretty well though I did not go there too often.

I recall being very proud of myself one time here when a young lady of my acquaintance simply refused to put on her bib as requested by her mother. Nothing worked until I took it and put it around my neck, netting me a shocked Hey, that's mine! look coupled with the immediate indication that I should give her bib back at once. I did, and she immediately put it on and kept it on for the rest of the meal...

The food here was the standard Mexican-run Mexican restaurant fare you see all over South Carolina. I did like that they had pico de gallo available as a side item for spicing up the salsa, which Pancho's down the street does not (or did not last time I was there).

The closing sign is interesting in that it suggests they may come back at some point. That raises by implication the issue of why they are leaving in the first place. Could this site be destined for some new building and they couldn't get a lease renewal? And it is hard to think of another space in the general area that isn't either too close to Pancho's or too close to Casa Linda. Note also that the other address name-checked on the sign is the former Santorini Grill.

(Hat tip to commenter Mrs. SK)

UPDATE 3 November 2011: Added Pizza Inn to the post title based on the comments.

UPDATE 17 February 2012 -- Well, it's confirmed that Pasta Fresca will be moving here. Also, they have pulled the whole front addition off of the building:

UPDATE 6 March 2012 -- Construction continues:

UPDATE 5 April 2012 -- And still continues:



UPDATE 16 April 2012 -- It looks like they are adding a patio:


UPDATE 7 May 2012 -- Construction is basically done now for the Pasta Fresca move (and note the new Pasta Fresca logo). I talked briefly to the owner, and he indicated that the menu will have the same dishes they have at the current location but add some new appetizer and meat dishes. They are shooting for a mid-May opening:







UPDATE 25 January 2023: Update tags, add map icon.

Written by ted on November 3rd, 2011

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Curves For Women, 1410 Colonial Life Boulevard # 210: 2007   1 comment

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All I know about Curves is that it is a franchaised gym for women. I do rather like the idea the name suggests: that being fit isn't the same thing as being a bony stick.

Colonial Village, the little strip across from Dutch Square on the way to I-126, has never really seemed to thrive. To me it seems like it should be a good location, but the only thing of note that has lasted over there is The Melting Pot.

Written by ted on November 2nd, 2011

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Calendar Time!   no comments

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Well, it's that time of year again, when our 2011 calendars dwindle down to just two pages.

Be prepared to have something to go up on that wall when it dwindles down to zero pages -- that's right, the new Columbia Closings 2012 Wall Calendars are ready!

Keep bygone Columbia in your heart all year long with these 13 specially chosen images. This years' calendars come in two formats, the standard sized 8.5x11 calendars I have done before and a new larger 11x17 format. (Both calendars have the same 13 images).

Written by ted on November 1st, 2011

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Kimbrell's Furniture, 1626 Main Street: 1 October 2011   14 comments

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The end of Kimbrell's on Main Street was hardly a surprise. Their sign says they had been there 49 years (or almost my entire lifetime), but the character of Main Street has changed so much over the years that even blocks where there are signs of life (Kimbrell's was on the same block as the new Mast General Store) don't make sense for heavy retail like furniture. A modern furniture store needs lots of display space, as well as an easy way to get trucks in and out, and Main Street doesn't really have either.

There are a number of other Kimbrell's locations around town, and the signs indicate that operations from the Main Street store have been consolidated in Piggly Wiggly location on Marshall Street.

I hope that whatever happens to the old Main Street store, someone saves the old and classic Kimbrell's sign, though I realize that would be confusing in some cases, it seems to have worked well for the Kress building.

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Written by ted on November 1st, 2011

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