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Josh's / Icy's Sports Bistro, 10005 Two Notch Road: May 2011   11 comments

Posted at 11:23 pm in restaurants

Well, darn -- another "I'll get there someday" restaurant is gone. On the other hand, the menu at the follow-on operation, Polliwogs looks pretty good.

The LoopNet listing for the building says that the owner of Icy's was retiring rather than business being bad at this location. It also says the building was built in 1984, which is about what I remember. I recall a promising looking restaurant starting there (not Icy's, which this site claims dates to 2004) just about the time I left town to live in Fayetteville. As for Icy's itself, it seems to me it may have started at the much-restauranted sports bar outparcel at Columbia Mall and then migrated down Two Notch, but I'm not sure of that.

UPDATE 12 June 2011 -- Here's the original Columbia Mall location for Icy's:

Also added the name Josh's to the post title based on the comments.

Written by ted on June 9th, 2011

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Spring Valley Ace Hardware, 10012 Two Notch Road: 25 September 2010   5 comments

Posted at 12:32 am in stores

Well, another "traditional" hardware store bites the dust. According to this story in The State, the same owners had to close one in Blythewood around the same time. The reasons look to be the usual ones: The economy in general, and the rise of the big box stores

This store in particular I think would have been hard hit by the later as both Lowes and Home Depot are in very close proximity.

(Hat tip to commenter Jason for the heads-up and commenter Javier for the closing date)

Written by ted on October 23rd, 2010

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