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Stein Mart, 70 Polo Road: Fall 2009   4 comments

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I believe the only Stein Mart I've ever been in is the Inlet Square store in Murrells Inlet where a desperate mall offered them the main west-side entrance corridor as store space. I can't recall much other than it was a clothes store that probably wouldn't be on my list when I make a reluctant clothes shopping expedition.

This store is at the corner of Two Notch & Polo Roads, and had pretty much totally escaped my notice until now. Polo Road has certainly developed massively since I was in high school, and there was, in fact, a polo field out there (which one of my classmates managed to set on fire with a model rocket), and development on Two Notch has definitely moved away from Dentsville and into this area, but with the current economy there are still plenty of vacant storefronts in the area, and soon there will be one more.

UPDATE 18 May 2010 -- It's now Roundabouts Consignments:

Written by ted on August 25th, 2009

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4 Responses to 'Stein Mart, 70 Polo Road: Fall 2009'

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  1. I assume the one at Trenholm Plaza is still open? They always seemed to have a good amount of customers. I have enjoyed shopping there in the past and have gotten some great deals on higher-end items.


    30 Oct 09 at 10:21 pm

  2. Yes, the Trenholm Plaza store is still open.


    31 Oct 09 at 12:11 am

  3. This is odd did not know this was a Stein Mart. I've been to the one in Trenholm Plaza a couple times I'm not too impressed. What exactly happened to the shopping center next to it anyways? All that's left is a CVS and a couple of off beat stores, its pretty creepy actually.


    4 Apr 11 at 1:51 pm

  4. This location started out in Capital Centre in around 1984 and was the 39th Stein Mart location to open. It moved to its Polo Road location in 2001, at the same time that the Lexington Stein Mart Location opened. (The Trenholm Plaza location opened in 1997 in the former Rich's building and the Harbison Store opened in 2011 in the former Goody's building.) I know the former store manager of this location. I found out that this store was slated to move closer to the Village at Sandhill area, but could not come to a lease agreement anywhere. Their lease was up at the Polo Road building and Stein Mart decided as a company that any store that was underperforming or did not have a new lease agreement was just to be shut down. This Polo Road location was actually still profitable when it was closed, but since it didn't have a new location to move to, Stein Mart corporate just closed it outright which was a bad decision.


    28 Jul 15 at 2:30 pm

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