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Denny's, 7500 Wilson Boulevard: 2000s   5 comments

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I've written about Denny's before, and about how I am not a big fan, though I confess I've had my share of 2AM suppers at various locations over the years after insane work schedules. I knew about the old Two Notch Denny's, the one that used to be on Airport Boulevard, and the Denny's "Diner" that is still on Harbison Boulevard, but I didn't know about this place at all.

Wilson Boulevard is what North Main Street is called after it gets close to crossing over I-20, and as it happened, I had some business in the area recently and noticed this closed restaurant as I was driving by. The shape of the sign suggested a Denny's, and sure enough a quick google verified that. I don't have a closing date, but it can't have been too many years ago. On the surface, the I-20 location, near to a truck stop, and with lots of parking seems like it could have supported a restaurant. I don't ever recall seeing a sign from the highway though. Perhaps they didn't advertise well enough, or perhaps people don't want to eat at Denny's unless they have to, and the interstate corridor through Columbia has a number of better alternatives.

Written by ted on September 7th, 2008

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5 Responses to 'Denny's, 7500 Wilson Boulevard: 2000s'

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  1. I never heard about this one. I always loved the food but have never had good service at any Denny's. They got into legal troubles a while back for not serving minorities. As far as I could tell they ignored all of their customers.

    MR Bill

    8 Sep 08 at 2:58 pm

  2. This building looks very odd for a Denny's. It almost looks like it may have been a Hardee's in a past life.


    24 Oct 09 at 2:48 pm

  3. This building was never anything else. Denny's built this building, around hmm, I think it was between 1998 1999 ish. I went there once around that time. shortly after it closed. I always felt that was a horrible location for a restaurant that wasn't drive through.
    I guess they felt with the interstate and two truck stops, they thought they'd do all right.


    7 Jul 10 at 7:53 am

  4. I once dined here in 2001.


    7 Jul 10 at 8:01 am

  5. It was a meat and three place for a while after Denny's left. i don't recall the name.


    7 Jul 10 at 10:39 am

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