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Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile / The Bank of Columbia / The Argyle Social Club, 1537 Main Street: late 2000s   3 comments

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OK, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this one. The Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile Building is another of those great old Main Street buildings, with all the fancy work on top, and is on the City of Columbia landmark list.

I don't know what Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile originally sold, but the name suggests general retail merchandise. Anyway, it seems prosaic enough.

Where it gets a little odd is with the introduction of the Columbia Atheneum and Argyle Social Club. If you go to the "history" tab on this site, you'll find the story of a 150 year old Columbia high-rollers club "[whose] location has been kept hidden from the general public" -- It almost sounds like a put-on, your 2nd grade secret-clubhouse on steroids..

At any rate, the plan apparently was to come out of hiding, sell shares and buy the Lorick building. (There's a litle more information here). Since this was all supposed to happen in 2007 and the building is for lease today, I would say that something went wrong.

Interestingly, the building now has its own web site..

Written by ted on February 18th, 2010

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3 Responses to 'Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile / The Bank of Columbia / The Argyle Social Club, 1537 Main Street: late 2000s'

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  1. The social club sounds interesting - great concept (if a bit expensive). A quick Google search of 'Columbia Atheneum' brings up a mention of an old Columbia antiquarian bookstore, more recently occupied by Bridwell books (until 1997). Another mention is given about the Atheneum on a Richland County Public Library history site: "Although there were several fine private libraries in Columbia and Richland County, the first step towards general library service was made prior to 1865 when the Honorable William C. Preston gave his library to the reading room of the Columbia Athenaeum."


    18 Feb 10 at 2:34 pm

  2. Your link to the City Center Columbia site also mentions a return of Sherlock Holmes (2007) in a different. This is the first I've heard about that. I'd it, and it still shows the corner of Washington/Main. That is the Sheraton's bar. I sure do miss that place!! The city sure did a number to Sherlock Holmes. From my understanding, did not fix the leaky ceiling or condemned it, knowing the Sheraton was moving in and would bring their own bar.


    18 Feb 10 at 3:28 pm

  3. I don't think it ever happened. But I don't recall what the holdup was.


    18 Feb 10 at 4:59 pm

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