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Brioso Fresh Pasta / Tropical Grill, 601 Main Street Suite A: 2012   no comments

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I first was aware of this restaurant space in the Adesso condos at the corner of Main & Blossom Streets when it had just closed as Baker Brothers American Deli (although I got the space conflated with the Yoghut suite which is in the same building). After that, I kind of lost track of it.

To be specific, I had no idea there was ever an Italian operation called Brioso Fresh Pasta there. In my defense, as far as I can tell, it didn't last long: The Feb 2012 phonebook has the only listing. The reviews are extremely mixed.

After that, I was somewhat aware of Tropical Grill though I never considered stopping there. My impression was that it was an Asian buffet, but I'm not positive about that. At any rate, they only listed in this year's (Feb 2013) phonebook, and I started seeing construction for the new pizza operation Maddio's Pizza Joint some months ago (I have pictures somewhere, but can't lay my hands on them now and it would seem that they have now started operation.

(Hat tip to commenter Payne for reminding me about this).

Written by ted on September 3rd, 2013

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