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Vampire Penguin, 106 Percival Road: 17 July 2022   4 comments

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Vampire Penguin on Percival by Panera is gone. My niece went there several times and liked it. I never went by myself, thinking it was just shaved ice, which I am not that keen on, but judging by the pictures on their Facebook, I may have missed out on some other frozen goodies.

This site still commemorates the opening of this store, while this Free Times article explains the closing. In short, it appears that the area was not what the owners had hoped and the sketchiness kept family business down. I have never had any actual trouble in the area, but have been panhandled several times at that Panera and have kind of stopped gong there myself.

(Hat tip to commenter Larry)

Written by ted on August 26th, 2022

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