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Porter Paints / PPG Paint Store, 9221 Two Notch Road: September 2021   3 comments

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I'm pretty sure that this former paint store in the Big Lots strip mall on Two Notch near Spring Valley still had a Porter sign (as seen in the first picture) rather than the new PPG Paints name on it, but I can't tell for sure as it has been painted over better than usual (perhaps unsurprisingly) and I can't see any label scar in these photos.

I'm also not sure of the date, but I noticed it in early October, so I'm going with "September 2021".

This shopping center has done better than I would expect lately in making vacancies good, so we'll see if something else moves in soon.

Written by ted on November 10th, 2021

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El Camino Mexican Restaurant, 9221 Two Notch Road Suite 60: 2016   9 comments

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El Camino was the follow-on operation to Golden City in the Big Lots plaza on Two Notch.

This one came and went before I even knew it was there, which is a little odd as the name El Camino should have caught my eye as I used to work for a Bay Area company, and El Camino Real is the main drag there.

UPDATE 19 February 2017 -- Oops! As mentioned in the comments, I was wrong about this place. In fact it was setting up to open, and is now open:


UPDATE 6 October 2017 -- Really closed this time:


Written by ted on October 5th, 2016

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