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Maurice's Gourmet Barbeque, 2515 Sunset Boulevard: October 2009   22 comments

Posted at 12:08 am in closing

I first wrote about this building when it was a former Quincy's. Now it is a former Maurice's. It seems the current recession has made a hash of the barbecue business, as this is the second Maurice's to close recently.

To me, the location seems a little awkward to get into and out of. I can't remember if that were the case when it was a Quincy's or if it is an artifact of all the road work that's been done on the I-26 / US-378 interchange over the last couple of years. However, the selling realtor is apparently quite upbeat about the plot as the the current asking price is $1,350,000.

UPDATE 8 November 2009: Forgot to hat tip commenter B.C.

UPDATE 22 September 2020 -- This place has been razed. Also, updating post tags and adding a map icon.

22 Responses to 'Maurice's Gourmet Barbeque, 2515 Sunset Boulevard: October 2009'

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  1. Hash of the barbecue business --- Now that is funny!!


    2 Nov 09 at 10:01 am

  2. Where is the other Maurice's that closed? I know the one at the corner of Beltline and Devine St. is still opened, but havent seen any other closed yet. Is the one on Two Notch near Sessqui? Sess-swatch? or however it's spelled still there? Thanks..


    2 Nov 09 at 12:37 pm

  3. Or is the name of the park "Sess-squeech"...funny huh?


    2 Nov 09 at 12:37 pm

  4. 7350 Garners Ferry Road, right next to Fantasy Lingerie.


    2 Nov 09 at 1:00 pm

  5. Is the drive through business on St. Andrews by Zaxby's closed as well? I know he attempted to fill a void at the Sunset location after Millender's closed, but he ain't no Millender's. McDonald's bbq for the masses.


    2 Nov 09 at 2:58 pm

  6. Johnathan-The St. Andrews location has reopened.


    2 Nov 09 at 5:00 pm

  7. Good riddance, the Northeast location will probably close next.


    3 Nov 09 at 11:00 pm

  8. In the few years that location was open, it never really got a large crowd. Honestly I'm surprised it was open as long as it was. It was horribly difficult to get in and out of, but that's a direct result of the new I-26 interchange. It wasn't too bad when it was a Quincy's. The vacant 7-11/Pizza House/Doctor's office building next door didn't help things either, I'd imagine.


    8 Nov 09 at 7:44 am

  9. My wife and I had our first date at Pizza House. We really enjoyed the ambience of that restaurant and were sorry to see it close years ago.


    10 Nov 09 at 8:55 pm

  10. There's a little about Pizza House here.


    11 Nov 09 at 12:32 am

  11. It looks as if the Burger King across the street from this will relocate to Hwy 378 & Leaphart Road...which makes sense as they can draw from two interstates there


    17 Jul 10 at 2:10 pm

  12. There used to be a decent BBQ place right behind this location on the frontage road- Millander's BBQ. Buffet style, good people, decent food. The building is still there I believe, but it looks like some sort of construction equipment rental place or something.


    2 Mar 11 at 12:48 pm

  13. What happened to Millender's BBQ is that when the I-26 & 378 interchange was redone, the construction made Millender's a PITA to try to get to and so the owners decided it was time to retire. My dad says that the SCDOT put Millender's out of business for that reason...


    2 Mar 11 at 5:01 pm

  14. Anytime a racist, KKK friendly highly prejudice eatery like this closes is a good thing.

    redneck down from cayce

    15 Feb 12 at 4:56 pm

  15. I ate there once a couple of years ago, and I DID feel just a TAD out of place there. I didnt fit in with the local non-citified people. Dont get me wrong..I have LOTS of country cousins here and in the small towns of Georgia, but the people of Deliverence make these people look backwooded, and THAT'S scary!!!


    15 Feb 12 at 6:05 pm

  16. Today I rode by and confirmed (with real estate signage on the property) indicating it was sold to back what was recently discussed in Have Your Say...


    13 Dec 16 at 11:27 pm

  17. Anyone remember when this was a Western Sizzlin' they had this one and the one on Two Notch, where Harbor Inn is.


    19 Dec 16 at 3:34 pm

  18. I remember the Western Sizzlin' after it was Quincy's that MrBill speaks of...don't think Western Sizzlin' is still around but Quincy's is still in Florence on US 52 @ I-95 last I was down that stretch of roadway...


    19 Dec 16 at 11:03 pm

  19. There is at least one Western Sizzlin' -- off I-95 in Pooler GA. Nice place in an unpretentious way.


    23 Dec 16 at 1:57 am

  20. Dude, we would go to awestern Sizzlin and g3t the sirloin tips, baked potato a salad and an iced tea for about seven bucks. Bring back the good ole days.


    23 Dec 16 at 9:39 pm

  21. My Mom would always get the sirloin tips. Of course my Dad and I went for the largest sirloin on the menu. Couldn't beat it for the price.


    24 Dec 16 at 9:27 am

  22. This building has been demolished...only dirt exists now.


    15 Jul 19 at 7:55 am

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