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bodyFit / Jamie Scott Fitness, 3718 Rosewood Drive: 1 December 2012 (moved)   4 comments

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The last time I noted this Rosewood Drive location, it was about the 1950s era local grocery chain Edens.

At that time, the building was occupied by bodyFit gym. The next time I noticed the place, it had rebranded as another gym, Jamie Scott Fitness which itself was in the process of relocating to the new Crosshill Market (The Whole Foods strip mall). This was slated to have happened by 1 December, so they should be there now, though I have not gotten over there yet to get pictures of the new location.

As you can see in the first pictures, the bodyFit location had a banner with both names on it, so I surmise that they were in the early stages of changing the name then (late 2010).

UPDATE 9 January 2013 -- Here is the Cross Hill location. As commenter Dennis notes, you have to go around behind the building into a bit of a cul de sac to get to it:


Written by ted on January 8th, 2013

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4 Responses to 'bodyFit / Jamie Scott Fitness, 3718 Rosewood Drive: 1 December 2012 (moved)'

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  1. Whoever designed the sign didn't realize that Cross Hill is two separate words...


    8 Jan 13 at 1:46 am

  2. Before BodyFit this was a furniture store called The Green Chair for a few years.

    Jamie Scott Fitness is open at their new location but you may miss it -- you have to drive completely around to the end of the back alley behind the new Whole Foods.


    8 Jan 13 at 6:02 am

  3. The Ole Timey Meat Market (in the old Keg O' Nails building) is apparently moving to the old bodyFit building. Workers are changing the facade and there are Ole Timey Meat Market signs leaning against the building.


    30 Sep 13 at 7:09 pm

  4. I've often wondered if the Ole Timey Meat Market in Irmo is related to the others in town. None of the advertising lumps then in the the Two Notch & Rosewood Stores nor the Lexington store. I was just wondering.....


    1 Oct 13 at 12:34 am

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