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Al-Amir, 7001 Saint Andrews Road: early March 2011   11 comments

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The closing for The Devine Street Al-Amir was the first one I ever posted on this blog. I also did one for the Sparkleberry Crossing location, and this one makes three.

It's a shame because I really like the food at Al-Amir -- the Damascus bread, tabouli, hummus and falafel are all very good. Luckily, they still have locations on Main Street by Moe's and at Sandhill in the old Shane's Rib Shack location.

This closing had a very fast turn-around. I know I ate at this Al-Amir sometime in February, and now it is not only closed, but re-opened as a burger and pizza place called Stinger's.

(Hat tip to commenter E.J.)

Written by ted on March 20th, 2011

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11 Responses to 'Al-Amir, 7001 Saint Andrews Road: early March 2011'

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  1. That's surprising, it always seemed to be doing good business whenever I stopped in for lunch on weekdays. Good food, good service, good prices. I don't know what they could have done differently.


    21 Mar 11 at 12:17 pm

  2. Well at least there is still an Al-Amir downtown. I like their Tuesday gyro special.


    22 Mar 11 at 4:41 am

  3. Stingers is now gone, replaced by Marinoni's. I never got around to eating at Stingers, but apparently their pizza was pretty good, if you believe online reviews. I don't know if its under new ownership, but i know it seems like the renaming was done overnight. I wonder if Irmo High School had some issue with the restaurant using their mascot? On their event calender they had a Friday Night Football After Party that included live bluegrass music and $5 Irish Car Bombs (which i assume is a mixed drink). Not exactly the image a high school might want to represent?

    Anyway, judging from their menu - wings, brick oven pizza, salads, wraps, burgers, pasta dishes, plus a full array of appetizers and deserts, PLUS a full brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday, plus an event calender that included:

    The aforementioned Friday Night Football After Party
    Monday Night Football Night ($4 Royal Flush shots!!!)
    Open Mic Night ($5 Patron shots!!!)
    Ladies Night on Thursday ($10 House Wine Bottles!!!)
    Gamecock Football on Saturdays ($4 Jaeger Bombs!!!)
    NFL football on Sundays (Kids eat FREE!!!)
    Trivia Night
    Bingo Night
    Karaoke Night

    They kinda seemed like maybe they couldn't make up their mind if they wanted to be a restaurant or a bar. I'll give them one thing: they had a huge online presence

    Menu (complete with video)

    Event Calender:



    20 Jan 12 at 10:56 am

  4. The Free Times mentioned that in passing in their Bite Of The WeeK.

    It's the same ownership.


    20 Jan 12 at 11:59 am

  5. Can anyone verify that in the mid '90s this was a place called Restaurant 1-2-3?

    Midnight Rambler

    28 Nov 12 at 10:44 am

  6. Restaurant 1-2-3 was here, but I didn't know it was open that far back. I was thinking early 2000s. But maybe not.


    28 Nov 12 at 1:24 pm

  7. Yes, Restaurant 1-2-3 was here up until around 2000. I know this because at the time I worked for a company that did POS systems in restaurants and we were terrified of the systems crashing for Y2K. 1-2-3 was a client of ours.


    28 Nov 12 at 4:51 pm

  8. Theres a new sign up at this location.....Coming Soon....Chapala's.

    No idea what Chapala's is....maybe a Mexican restaurant?


    27 Apr 13 at 1:25 pm

  9. It WAS a mexican restaurant. looks like it's closed already going by


    27 Jul 13 at 9:56 am

  10. There's still a banner at the side of the road....


    31 Jul 13 at 12:41 am

  11. Chapala is OPEN and alive and well. Tried it today and the food was very good. A welcomed surprise in the land of San Jose's and Monterreys that just don't make the grade. Ate Al Amir once, was not impressed with this location. South Main Street location always seems better.


    31 Jul 13 at 9:08 pm

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