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Hill's Transmissions, 2221 Lake Murray Boulevard: 2021   2 comments

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I saw a real-estate sign driving by here in mid-2021, but as there were cars down there, I wasn't sure the place was actually closed. When I ran across the pictures again today, a google search confirmed that Hill's is gone, probably sometime in 2021.

The LoopNet page has a better picture than these.

I'm not sure why the sign says "Transmission" when all the online sources say "Transmissions", but I went with the plural.

Written by ted on August 31st, 2023

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2 Responses to 'Hill's Transmissions, 2221 Lake Murray Boulevard: 2021'

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  1. There was always (for YEARS!!!) an interesting house out front of this too. It was an older house, that had the metal awnings over windows... a bit "junky" with tons of stuff on the porch. I dunno, I was always intrigued by the stuff there. That house was torn down about the same time this place closed... and they started clearing things out... it has one of those funny looking dirt islands now, where there's 20' of deep clearing, with a massive dirt mound and a telephone pole in it. haha anyway, something new is coming to this whole area. I wonder if it was a lot being done in anticipation of the new amphitheater/business center that was being planned but is now denied.


    6 Sep 23 at 10:14 am

  2. There was an additional mechanic shop attached to it for a while where I would take my truck. I think it was Cowboy's and I forget the rest. I think I still have a keychain for it, and can look for it later.


    7 Sep 23 at 10:12 am

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