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Leitner's Sewing Center, 1625 Broad River Road: 2016   1 comment

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This is one of the times it would be nice if the AT&T still deigned to give me a phonebook yearly as I have no real idea when this place closed. The latest Yelp reviews are all quite old, but I can't believe the actual closing date is that long ago, so I am going to punt and say 2021 until I hear otherwise.

At any rate, this Boozer Shopping Center storefont was a sewing machine sales and service operation and had apparently been there for quite a while.

UPDATE 26 February 2022: Commenter Gypsie found evidence that this place probably closed in 2016, so I am updating the closing date in the title to that.

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  1. Oh gosh no. That place has been closed for several years. According to a business search on the Richland County Tax site, the last time the business paid Business Personal Property taxes was December 29, 2015. That should give you a more accurate timeline for when it closed. :-)


    26 Feb 22 at 8:47 pm

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