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Mattress Firm, 3300 Forest Drive: June 2021   4 comments

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This location of Mattress Firm is one that survived the big wave of store closing a few years ago, but it has now pulled up the sheets. As commenter Matt points out, it was just across the street from another mattress store, which can't have helped matters much.

Somehow or other I managed to drive by hundreds of times over the years without ever fixing it in my mind that the store was here, and probably dozens of times in the past month without noticing the closing flags. We'll see what comes next -- the location is not bad, with stoplight access and a good bit of traffic.

(Hat tip to commenter Matt)

Written by ted on June 23rd, 2021

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MBenton Personal Training / Ashley's Studio / Michael's Cleaners / Jackie's Uniform Center / Posh Pets, 3300 Forest Drive: 2011 etc   2 comments

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Commenter Matt mentions that this building at the corner of Forest & Sunnyside Drives, more or less across the street from Zesto, is being remodeled from multiple suites into a single space, and now we can see that it is going to be a Matress Source.

Putting the address into google turns up a number of former tenants.

Since the web site of MBenton Personal Training still lists this address as their gym (ie: hasn't been updated), I suspect they are no longer around. Michael's Cleaners still has a number of locations in Columbia, but I don't know if one of them moved from here or if they are seperate ownership. Posh Pets had several locations, and seems to have moved this one to 3400 Forest Drive. Jackie's Uniforms has moved to Sunnyside. Ashley's Studio is not listed in the current phonebook.

(Hat tip to commenter Matt)

UPDATE 19 December 2022: Updating tags and adding map icon.


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