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El Patio Mexican & Japanese Habachi, US 17 Bypass: 2008   no comments

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Honestly, how could a restaurant with such a strong concept possibly fail?

I first became aware of this restaurant building on the US 17 Bypass just below the old Myrtle Beach Airforce Base back gate, when it was painted to resemble a Waffle House. It was not a Waffle House, mind you -- it had some non-actionable name like "Waffle Hut", but you have to pity a place that is a Waffle House wannabee. After that incarnation went south (probably about the time be base closed and the bowling alley behind the restaurant went under as well), it became, I believe The Bean Pot. To me that suggests a vegatarian restaurant, but I never looked any closer to see if that were true. The next owners were the ones who hit on the fool-proof plan of combining Mexican and Japanese and the rest is history. Re-fried, fried rice, yum!

Written by ted on December 6th, 2008

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