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Maggie Mae's Restaurant, 129 Rolling Meadows Lane: 2008 (Closed Again)   2 comments

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I used to see this place whenever I was driving down I-26 to Charleston and wonder what it would be like. My guess was that it was a no-nonsense meat & 3 for hungry travellers, but I'll never know for sure now. If I had to speculate, I'd say it wasn't far enough out of town anymore and that traffic was now stopping at national chains before getting this far. (It's just a few miles up I-26 to Harbison or up I-77 to Two Notch). From all the work being done inside though, it looks like something wil set up in the building.

UPDATE 9 June 2009: Well, something did set up there -- Maggie Mae's! Looks like they're open again.

UPDATE 6 Nov 2010 -- Closed again:

UPDATE 11 November 2011: Found an extra interior picture and added it above.

UPDATE 24 January 2024: Adding tags and map icon, and putting the full street address in the post title.

Written by ted on October 11th, 2008

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2 Responses to 'Maggie Mae's Restaurant, 129 Rolling Meadows Lane: 2008 (Closed Again)'

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  1. My wife is working in Cayce now, so we've been trying all the lunch places out there. I put Maggie Mae's in the same category as Southside Restaurant (yuk), The Cayce House (good, but you'll never find it) and Brunches (better. This place used to be a Shrimper).

    Maggie's wasn't bad, just unimpressive. All the charming atmosphere you might expect from a gas station. Why do all these places have a tv high in the corner? Makes me feel like I'm in a prison day room. They did have southern style vegetables like fried green tomatoes, though, and I'm always on the lookout for that (don't even get me started on Lizard Thicket's undeserved and overblown reputation).


    11 Oct 08 at 5:31 am

  2. I ate there a couple of times as a by-product of traveling to Orangeburg a lot. Definitely a traditional greasy spoon with the common "usuals" of truck drivers and business travellers. The food was way better than a waffle house or some gas station hot dog that a lot of us in-state travellers get stuck with more often.


    14 Oct 08 at 3:42 pm

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