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Maleo's Dogs, Burgers & More, Columbia Mall: August 2017   7 comments

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As commenter Sidney noted, the Food Court at Columbia Mall is getting rather sparse, though I suppose you could consider Auntie Ann's Pretzels right around the corner to be part of it, which would bring the count up a little bit.

To the best of my memory I have never eaten at any of the restaurants now in the Food Court proper. If I had had to guess just by the name, I would have expected Maleo's to be Italian, but unless there is pizza in the & More, I guess not.

I threw in the current Mall directory, and a few random shots just for "FUN".

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on September 15th, 2017

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7 Responses to 'Maleo's Dogs, Burgers & More, Columbia Mall: August 2017'

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  1.'s tough to see your childhood hangout so depressed. I have written about Columbia Mall here in the past on a couple of occasions, so I might be repeating myself here.
    Columbia Mall was THE place to be and be seen if you were in middle school in the early and mid '80s.
    In the 3rd pic above showing the entire food court, the Alladin's Castle arcade was located on the right side towards the entrance where Buffalos and the Japanese place are now. I spent way too much time and quarters there, but it wouldn't change it. AC had an early bird Saturday morning deal once a month, or so where it opened an hour early and you got like $20 worth of tokens for $5 if you were a member of the arcade club. Alladin's Castle was by far the largest arcade in any of the malls including Barrel of Fun in Dutch Square.
    There was no food court per se here. Orange Julius was at the end to the right just out of the 3rd picture. Most restaurants back then were on the bottom ends facing the Parklane Rd. side, or upstairs on the opposite end facing the Rich's parking lot next to JCPenney. Schiano's Pizza, Duck In, Del Taco, Morrison's, Chik-fil-a, Annabelle's (I think), Burger King, and a couple of others.
    Todd & Moore had a store in there. There was a great electronics store that carried Sony Walkmans and other new tech back then. There were fountains on each end and you'd throw in your change and make a wish. Record Bar was upstairs by JC Penney.
    Sears had a baseball card shop in the middle of it.
    We would meet up with the girlfriends and practice kissing in between the hanging rugs in Rich's. Lol.....hey, it gave some privacy.
    The theaters showed all of the first run movies and a I saw many many movies at that theater. My parents were big movie buffs and we got to tag along for most.
    R.I.P Columbia Mall!
    The area where the dilapidated strip mall in the prior post on here was just a huge field. We used to go mud riding back there before it was sold and turned into the strip mall.


    15 Sep 17 at 9:43 am

  2. Here's a crazy memory which maybe TMI but who cares. When we were teens, we used to use the Sears bathrooms for the cleanliness and privacy. They had so many stalls in the mens bathroom. Every time we went in there, we'd be surprised if one person was in there. We could go in there and take all the time we needed.


    15 Sep 17 at 10:06 am

  3. lol...Nice Sidney. I wasn't up to that level yet in 7th grade.


    15 Sep 17 at 10:51 am

  4. Yeah I spent many quarters at Alladin's castle.I can remember tiffany's bakery smelling so good!
    I used to date a girl at annabelle's ,good times....


    15 Sep 17 at 6:21 pm

  5. John, you are absolutely right about the bakery. I could smell those delicious sticky buns several doors down.

    Joe Shlabotnik

    16 Sep 17 at 5:02 pm

  6. Oh man good memories. They used to have tons of food places. The Green Burger King was a favorite. I remember when Richland, and then Columbiana opened everyone was raving about food courts. I took a lot of vocation business courses at Northeast, and when the mall management people came to speak, they were always asked why no food court. They eventually added this court in the late 90's ,but it was a little too late to make much difference.


    18 Sep 17 at 9:50 am

  7. Orange Julius just came to mind. I don't recall a closing page done on them.

    Joe Shlabotnik

    18 Sep 17 at 8:45 pm

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