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Who Could Hang A Name On You?   9 comments

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Written by ted on October 11th, 2014

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9 Responses to 'Who Could Hang A Name On You?'

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  1. I'm thinking combining the names of two restaurants into one.
    maybe RubyAppletuesbees.

    Heres a restaurants name from back in the 70's (this is true) where Walgreens is located now across from the Whole Foods Market.
    The restaurant was like a waffle house and the only sign they had out front, and it was a large sign, it said "EATS" now thats something I can relate to.

    Ted _ Good catch. I think I like the name "Ruby Day" better.
    Sapphire nyghts Steak house.
    Diamond Morning Breakfast bar.
    Supper Dusk Cafe.
    Dawn of the Breakfast.
    Hmmm... A breakfast bar.
    Cold Cut afternoons. Damn.
    All good places to eat.
    And right here in town.


    11 Oct 14 at 3:59 am

  2. The place you mentioned was torn down maybe 2007 or before? I don't remember now, but I-Hop sat where Walgreens is now, and there was an old Texaco Gas Station on the corner spot of the same lot too in the 80's. The "Eats" place was torn down at the same time I-Hop was. But the entire area over here wasn't a jumpin' place at all in the 70's on back other than Carolina Skating Rink, the drive-in that was where Whole Foods is, then you had Kmart, A&W Rootbeer Drive-In, McDonalds (still had the arches on either side of the building) and that was about it from what I can remember.


    11 Oct 14 at 10:31 am

  3. How about " AnnabellsTueFriLandingRubyBees" The name is a combo of all these: Annabells, Ruby Tuesday, Friday's, Applebees and Applegates Landing. That way it covers all the places..


    11 Oct 14 at 10:36 am

  4. The only original places you can get good old "clog your arteries up all the way" food is Rosewood Dairy Bar that's been around at the same spot since 1942, and Edna's No. 1 on Broad River/Sunset. I'm not sure about the only opened front Zesto's near Kroger on Forrest Drive if they're the same or not. Too bad What-A-Burger changed how they make things since the old place was torn down and they built that new place behind it. It's not the same at all now. Then there was I think "Ed's Drive-In" across the street from there. I don't like to eat "healthy foods". If you're gonna have something good, then you need it in all that grease and butter and things.. that's when food WAS food.


    11 Oct 14 at 10:42 am

  5. The IHOP that used to be on Devine Street where Walgreens is now was demolished more around the 2001/02 seems to me as if something else was razed along that same property as the Walgreens came along...that Walgreens was around prior to my grandmother's passing in 2004 and now I hate that she isn't around to see what is becoming of the former Kmart as Rosewood Crossing is featuring stores I know she would've been happy to see that section of town get as she felt that all the decent stores bypassed that area in favor of Harbison/St. Andrews and/or Northeast Richland....


    11 Oct 14 at 11:31 am

  6. I believe one of the places y'all are talking about is Martin's Coffee House for which I have a post but unfortunately no pictures.


    11 Oct 14 at 2:48 pm

  7. @CayceKid - Believe it or not, I have never eaten at the Rosewood Dairy Bar. One day I will make it there just to check out what I have heard to be some awesome fast food grub. I love all the others you mention even though they are all out of my way. The only Zesto's I like is the one in Triangle City. All the others remind me of Rush's. I had a What-A-Burger about six months ago and, even though it was still good, it was not like the old days. When Ed's Drive Thru closed I waited in line for about 30 minutes just to place my order. Those burgers were that good. And Edna's, even though it is the closest to me, and I can make a short side trip on the way home from work, it's just a pain in the butt trying to get back across the river what with the never ending road construction. Damn, now I'm wanting a burger and fries!!!

    As far as healthy foods go, MEH! Every time I go to the doctor he tells me to cut back on, red meat, potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy, bread and fried foods. I was born here, what the hell else am I supposed to eat? Celery and water?


    12 Oct 14 at 3:46 am

  8. Might as well roll Hooter's and Twisted Kilt into the mix of restaurant names. At least, then we'd have scantily clad waitresses serving the same old grub....


    12 Oct 14 at 4:10 am

  9. @Ted - Thanks for the link to Martin's. As I said in my comment about EATS, "This is true" I said that because it almost sounds so outlandish, I was afraid some might think I was BSing like I was in the last part of the same comment.
    Uh Hmm... I don't do that often.

    @Homer & CayceKid - I have enjoyed a Burger from Rosewood Dairy Bar many times. Years ago it was "Get and Go" unless you wanted to eat at one of the few picnic tables they had set up outside.
    Then one day the building next to them, an old convenience store closed up and RDB grabbed it. Now, after ordering, you can walk next door and "Dine Inside". It's okay, it just feels funny walking next door with your food to eat. It sort of feels like buying something from McDonalds and going to Burger King to eat it. By the way I ate there one time and my drink came in a ZESTO cup, upon inquiring I was told they were owned by ZESTO. JFYI.

    As far as Burgers go, and with Homer mentioning What-A-Burger, Heck I like a Sonic Burger from time to time. They sort of remind me of a What-a-Burger and a RDB Burger.

    Back in the 70's when Columbia had Dairy Queens all around, not like the Dairy Queens we have now, the ones I'm talking about had The Braizer Burger. Boy I loved those. In 2001 I really started craving a Dairy Queen Braizer Burger again but could not find one, not even with all the traveling I do/did for work. When I did see one, I was traveling with others and could not stop.
    Over the years I continued to seek out a Brazier Burger, with out putting to much effort into it. 13 years passed and just last month my son and I traveled to a town on the other side of Atlanta to look at a car he was interested in.
    Well guess what? DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER BURGER.
    I got one and it suddenly dawned on me why I like Sonic Burgers. THEY ARE THE SAME. In my humble opinion.

    Some things change, some stay the same, others just copy what was. A little Rickism for you there.


    12 Oct 14 at 6:11 am

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