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Brix Bistro / The Bistro, 109 Old Chapin Road (Lexington): September 2011   5 comments

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I'm not absolutely sure I ate at The Bistro, but I do remember specifically some years ago reading an article in The State or Free Times about a new pizza place and driving to Lexington to check it out. The restaurant definitely had an enclosed patio where I sat, so I'm thinking it was The Bistro.

In the event, I really didn't care for it. I felt that there was something to the pizza sauce that wasn't to my taste -- too sweet, if I recall correctly. (I feel the same way about The Pizza Joint).

The place is in a kind of an interesting little mini-mall with The Flight Deck restaurant which I may have to check out one day.

(Hat tip to commenter O'Reilly)

UPDATE 9 November 2011: Added Brix Bistro to the post title based on the comments, which led me to dig up this 2001 Free Times Review which is, I believe, the one which sent me over there in the first place.

Written by ted on November 8th, 2011

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5 Responses to 'Brix Bistro / The Bistro, 109 Old Chapin Road (Lexington): September 2011'

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  1. Perhaps it was Brix when you went in search of the pizza place. The Bistro was Brix before the name change and seemed focus on the brick oven pizzas. I believe it was same owners who ran it as Brix and they still had similar menu as Bistro just a wider selection. The BBQ Chicken pizza that Brix/Bistro served was the best I've ever had!

    When you go back to check out the mini mall do go during weekday day hours and get lunch from yummy creations! The red potato salad is the best in the world!!


    9 Nov 11 at 10:08 am

  2. Right next door to Brixx was a great little place originally called Carliana's. Later when the owner divorced his Cuban wife Carliana the new owners called it Rivera's Hideaway, after the main chef that made such great food. I absolutely LOVED this place but it sadly closed, like so many great places.

    Everything struggles in this shopping center except Flight Deck and I blame that on sketchy parking.


    9 Nov 11 at 12:24 pm

  3. @Peter, that seems likely as I remember it being billed as a new pizza place. I'll add that to the post title.


    9 Nov 11 at 12:45 pm

  4. The Bistro was owned by Bill Fincher. He also had Catch 22 in Irmo. (He also had Sundance in the Vista and an original partner in Hemmingways in Irmo) He drowned in Lake Murray back in June of 2008. Even before then, he owed Uncle Sam a fortune in back taxes at the Bistro. They had changed the name from Brix Bistro to the Bistro because of the chain called Brixx. His father tried to keep the place open after his death and kept pouring money into the place. With the looming tax debt and Lexington's heart shifting from that spot, it was a money pit. The rent and regime and extras for the shopping center topped $8K a month. Top on that tax debt and other expenses and its hard to rebound.


    12 Nov 11 at 4:46 pm

  5. This place was really kind of hit or miss with when it came to the food. At times it was really good... at others is was way, way off. The last time we went it was quite empty there and the food was terrible. I hope that they open something there soon... a nice steak house would be great for that area.


    2 Dec 11 at 12:30 pm

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