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A Fuego, 7320 Broad River Road: 31 October 2023   1 comment

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A Fuego was the follow-on operation in this spot to Pizzeria Opa, and opened sometime in the fall of 2021. I never visited, and know nothing about Peurto Rican food, but the place got good reviews.

As far as I know, nothing new has been announced for the spot, but given the setup, I would expect another restaurant at some point.

(Hat tip to commenter Heath for the heads-up and the last three pictures above)

Written by ted on November 20th, 2023

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  1. I know they appeared on the Columbia mid afternoon show on WIS. I was hoping that would help. I went there and picked up some empanadas to go. They were good, but I’ve had better. Picking up an order to-go one time is not a proper guage to completely judge a restaurant. We were hoping to try it again. There is going to be a Wingstop where the pretzel place was on the other end. I’d love to see revert back to a nice pizza place.


    29 Nov 23 at 9:09 pm

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