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Heavenly Ham, Trenholm Plaza, September 2008   no comments

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Well, it appears the ongoing renovations on Trenholm Plaza have claimed another casualty. I noticed on the second of September that Heavenly Ham has gone ahead and closed shop in advance of the demolition of that wing of the shopping center. Apparently they are not relocating, but are just referring customers to the HoneyBaked Ham store on Two Notch. (HoneyBaked bought Heavenly in 2002).

If you look closely at the picture with all the network cables, there is a "Best Of" award from The State in the category Ham Store underneath it all. I don't doubt that it was deserved, but I confess I find the category "Ham Store" a bit contrived. How many entrants could there have been? There's not even a Yellow Pages category for "Ham". Again, that's not a criticism of the store, which as far as I know really did have good ham.

UPDATE 18 Feb 2010 -- The site (extensively remodeled) is now a Chipolte:

Written by ted on September 3rd, 2008

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