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Consign It!, 4600 Forest Drive Suite 6: 1 October 2021   no comments

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I noticed that a gym has moved into the corner space at The Shoppes At 4600 and realized I never did a closing for the previous storefront Consign It!. If I have a picture of Consign It! I can't locate it right now, but you can see the marquee on there Facebook page here.

According to this State story, they closed shop here on 1 October 2021, and according, again, to their Facebook, opened a booth at Red Lion on Hampton Street not too long after that, though I'm not sure if they are still there as there.

I believe that Arena Athletic Club is the first tenant in this slot since Consign It! left.

Written by ted on June 28th, 2023

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Tuesday Morning, 736 Mink Avenue (Murrells Inlet): June 2023   no comments

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Well, this is probably going to be my last Tuesday Morning closing for a while, unless I end up somewhere I don't usually go. This one was in the Food Lion plaza near Carrabba's of US-17 Business in Murrells Inlet. Like the others featuring here recently, it was caught up in the chain's bankruptcy, and was selling everything down to the fixtures at the end. I don't know for sure, but I expect all of the Tuesday Morning locations in the state are now closed.

Tuesday Morning, 10225 Ocean Hwy Suite 400 (Pawleys Island): June 2023   1 comment

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For many years Pawleys Island Plaza was kind of down-at-the-heels strip mall. There was an off brand grocery store that failed after a year or so (Farmer John's?), a small local office supply store, a barber shop, coin laundry and dry cleaner. For a few years the Post Office did operate there in between leaving their original photomat sized building and building the current location across from the Hammock Shops, but on the whole not a lot was going on there.

Things have changed a good bit in recent years as the whole area has gone upscale, and the plaza got a Publix, Dunkin, Smoothie King, Petco, and of course, Tuesday Morning. I went in there a number of times over the years, looking for lampshades and the like, and it was fine, like outlets of the chain everywhere. And like all of those, it is now closing (and may be closed by this time).

We'll have to see what's next. I see the plaza operators have gyms in some of their other properties -- that might work.

Written by ted on June 15th, 2023

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Tuesday Morning, 932 North Lake Drive: June 2023   4 comments

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Here's another Tuesday Morning caught up in the chain's bankruptcy. This one is in Lexington in the Food Lion / Books-A-Million plaza, just done from the former Stein Mart

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

. This will leave the plaza with two rather large vacancies.

Written by ted on May 23rd, 2023

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Tuesday Morning, 4905 Forest Drive: Spring 2023   2 comments

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One of the very early closings I did on this site way back in January of 2008 was for this location of Tuesday Morning when it closed in Trenholm Plaza. At the time I called the store concept Big Lots by Martha Stewart, and I stand by that. After they left the Trenholm Plaza location, they did not come back immediately, but when La-Z-Boy closed in 2009, they moved into the current building.

Commenter Andrew sends this CNN link indicating that the whole chain is closing down after a second descent into bankruptcy. The article traces the immediate problem back to lost traction during the closings of 2020, but also indicates that the chain had no Internet strategy.

The final sale has started at his location, and has been going on at least a week, so if you want a bargain, you'd best not wait much longer; their Facebook says everything is 40% off.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Written by ted on May 18th, 2023

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Bed Bath & Beyond, 10136 Two Notch Road: January 2023   5 comments

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The company has been in trouble for a while, and according to The State announced last September that they would be closing 150 of its 700 stores. This Sparkleberry Square location is one of those, but apparently the Harbison and Garners Ferry locations will stay open, at least for now.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Written by ted on January 20th, 2023

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Studio 221 Interiors, 536 Meeting Street: Late August 2022   2 comments

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This small furniture & decor store opened here in 2021, moving from Chapin to Meeting Street in West Columbia. Unfortunately with the challenging retail, supply chain and rising restock price environment, they will be closing sometime this summer. From their Facebook, it sounds as though it will not be too long from now though no date is given -- I am going to assume late this month for the post title.

The State has some more details.

(Hat tip to commenter Robin)

Written by ted on August 16th, 2022

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Bohemian Home, 2720 Devine Street: 31 August 2022   3 comments

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I wrote about a move for this place back in 2010, but now Bohemian Home on Devine Street is closing after nearly 50 years. WLTX has the story (with an interesting historical twist in the second paragraph), which is basically that with rising rents, current business conditions and the onslaught of big box stores, the owners decided keeping on was untenable.

The current plan is to shut down at the end of August, with an auction possible if there is still remaining inventory.

(Hat tip to commenter Deanna)

Written by ted on August 12th, 2022

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Kirkland's, 4400 Fort Jackson Boulevard: July 2021   5 comments

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Frankly, I had no idea at all what kind of place Kirkland's is. Looking at their web site, it appears they are a home decor store, something which comes onto my radar with vanishing rarity.

This particular store was in the new strip creating by redeveloping the old Kmart complex. They seem to have closed without fanfare -- I can't find any stories about it online, and google seems to think it is still there.

According to their store locator, there are still two locations in the Midlands, one in Harbison, and one on Two Notch Road.

(Hat tip to commenter Joe Shlabotnik)

Written by ted on August 25th, 2021

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Birdhouse Rooms & Garden / Revente's Second Chances / Groomingdale's / Columbia's Cleaners / Ron's on Millwood / Koru Group Fitness, 3011/3013/3015/3019/3023 Millwood Avenue, 1015 Butler Street: June 2020   5 comments

Posted at 10:58 pm in closing


I first wrote about this lot when the round building ceased being Shandon Florist, so there are some older pictures at that link.

My sister told me last year how this whole corner block was going to be razed for a Starbucks, so I got some pictures of everything last October. The final demolition was around 20 June 2020, and when I took the second set of pictures, the buildings were all gone though some clearing equipment was still on the lot.

Here is a story on the project from WIS:

Millwood Avenue is one step closer to becoming the future home of a Starbucks franchise after the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals approved a special exception permit allowing a drive-thru in the development plan.

The proposal offers a development complete with a Starbucks in the 3000 block of Millwood Avenue, just up the street from Dreher High School. In doing so, several local businesses, including the Birdhouse, Revente’s Second Chances, Columbia’s Cleaners, Ron’s on Millwood, Groomingdale’s and Koru Group Fitness.

The businesses are all leased by the same landlord, who owns the property and is looking to sell, according to several business owners. Most said they plan to relocate if they are forced to close, but remain open while talks continue with the city about future development.

Here is The State on the same subject.

In the event, it appears to me that:

Birdhouse has relocated to 2730 Millwood (see the last picture).

Groomingdale's has relocated to 919 True Street Suite E.

Revente's has closed after an attempted move.

Koru Group Fitness has moved to 2773 Rosewood Drive.

I'm unsure about Ron's On Millwood & Columbia's Cleaners.

I'm not sure what was in the two story brick building.

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