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Base 10 Fitness, 2917 Rosewood Drive: 2020   1 comment

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Base 10 Fitness was the follow-on operation in this building to Rosewood Florist. According to The State, they moved from the Fairgrounds area to this location sometime in the spring of 2018. Here are a few more details from a real estate site.

While I don't see anything online as to the cause of this closing, I would guess that COVID-19 was the proximate cause.

(Hat top to commenter MB)

Written by ted on April 26th, 2021

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McDonald's Hamburgers / University Motor Company, 633 South Assembly Street: 2018 (Merged)   1 comment

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I noticed the other day that this old McDonald's at the corner of Assembly & Rosewood across from the Fairgrounds is vacant. The last tenant was University Motor Company, which apparently moved in sometime around 2010, and in 2018 merged with Bluff Road Auto Sales with the combined operation at 1400 Bluff Road.

Fireworks Over America, 916 Rosewood Drive: Fall 2020   no comments

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No Smoking

I was down at the far end of Rosewood last month, and noticed this fireworks store/warehouse. Looking at the google reviews, they were active up at least into May 2020. The company itself is still around, and it's not clear to me if this office has closed or just moved somewhere.

At any rate this building is for sale.

Written by ted on September 28th, 2020

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The Kraken Gastropub, 2910 Rosewood Drive: August 2019   1 comment

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Leash The Kraken!

I thought I had done a closing for The Kraken the first time it closed, a few years ago, but I cannot now find it, so either I'm just wrong, or it got lost in the database crash a while back.

Anyway, I'm afraid I know very little about the place other than it had a cool name and was in a neightboorhood I don't normally associate with restaurants.

Here is a take from The Free Times and one from The State.

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on September 22nd, 2019

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Colonial Healthcare, 4450 Rosewood Drive: 24 May 2018   2 comments

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Colonial Healthcare was the follow-on operation to Blockbuster Video in this location. The first picture above is from May 2017, so they lasted in this spot about a year before apparently running into some difficulty.

(Hat tip to commenter bassplayerguy)

UPDATE 5 October 2020: This is now a dialysis center:



Also adding map icon.

Written by ted on July 13th, 2018

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Rose Bud Bridal Store, 356 South Harden Street: 2015   no comments

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Rose Bud was the follow on operation in this location to Kiddie Korner. Possibly at some point in between, it was also Ectax Services. I don't actually know when Rose Bud closed, but Kiddie Korner was about 2009, and when I took these pictures in November 2017, it looked to have been vacant for a while.

RealtyTrac says the building was built in 1958, which I can believe looking at it.

Rose Bud was behind (or in front of, depending on your point of view) Pizza Man and as commenter Andrew notes both those buildings have now been razed.

Pizza Man, 341 South Woodrow Street: 15 October 2017   7 comments

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To a first approximation, Pizza Man on Woodrow seemed like the kind of place I would like: Open late & serving pizza.

In the actual event, I only ended up going there once. The pizza was a style I didn't really care for, and was a bit overcooked, and the place was so dim that I could hardly see a page while I waited for my order. I probably should have given it another chance, but in the end never got around to it.

Here is a State story on the (then upcoming) closing, and here is a story on the final auction.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin & co)

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Rooftop Pizza Pub, 4478 Rosewood Drive: November 2017   1 comment

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I never managed to eat at this place, former location of Moe's Grapevine, although I tried once. As I recall, I stopped by one Friday evening about 9:50 and found the place in the process of closing. I was quite surprised that a "Pizza Pub" would close at 10PM on a Friday night. To be fair, they offered to make me a pizza anyway, but I really dislike being in a place that is actively trying to close, especially if I am the only customer, which I was, so I passed.

In retrospect, being empty on a Friday evening was not a good augury for the longevity of this place, and unfortunately that now seems true.

Here is The State story on the pre-opening of the place, and here is the Free Times story on the finalized "Detroit Pizza" theme.

And in the meantime, Well, well:


(Hat tip to commenter badger)

UPDATE 21 May 2018 -- Eric's San Jose is now open in this location:




Written by ted on November 13th, 2017

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South Carolina State Fair 2017: 22 October 2017   2 comments

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Well, this is the 9th South Carolina State Fair post here, so you probably know the drill by now. I like what I like, and I take pictures of it. I moved some pictures around to provide an entrance sequence, but as you can tell, I actually ended up up at the fair on two different days this year. I still miss the Steel Building, which was a bit more down-market than the new commercial exhibits in the new art building annex. In particular, no grey market videos, and no handwriting computer. This year, the flowers were moved in with the art, and the agricultural exhibits moved across the way where the flowers used to be. I didn't get into the animal area, so I don't know if the baby duck slide was still running.

I think I was running the camera at ISO-800 this year, higher than previously, and I'm not entirely happy with the results as the frequent bright lights interspersed with the booths tended to drown out everything else.

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Carolina Collegiate Federal Credit Union, 4480 Rosewood Drive / 710 Pulaski Street: 3 October 2017 (reflagged)   1 comment

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This one's a puzzler. I've been a Carolina Collegiate FCU member for decades, since my father opened an account for me while he was a USC professor, and I have no complaints -- they're a good instution to do business with. What I don't understand is how they seem to have been bitten by the same bug that got into the RCPL a few years ago: The sudden urge to change a historic and evocative name to something less so.

If you're in Columbia, and especially if you have some connection to USC, the name Carolina Collegiate invokes warm fuzzies. Caro just sounds like syrup..

Written by ted on October 3rd, 2017

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