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Central Roofing & Contracting / Safety Equipment Sales & Rentals / Wild Bill Grocery Store / The Dog Shack, 230 Huger Street: Fall 2010 (etc)   3 comments

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Here's a little 1940s building by the tracks at the start of Huger Street (that's you-gee street for you out-of-towners..), that has been, I'm sure, many more things than this list over the years since it was built.

To be honest, I have to say I can't personally remember any of them. It's a section of street I drive very seldom, and some of the tenants, for instance, a roofer, are pretty invisible until you actually need one. The most recent operation seems to have been The Dog Shack hotdog restaurant, which apparently set up shop in April of 2010, and was definitely open as late as 18 June 2010, when a group of Columbia hotdog aficionadoes visited and gave it a mediocre grade.

While I was taking pictures a train rolled through, backing up traffic on Huger. I imagine working all day in that location would get old pretty quick.

Written by ted on March 31st, 2011

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Adorable Pets Grooming, 590 Main Street (South Congaree): 2000s   3 comments

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I don't get out past the airport to South Congaree much at all. I used to drive out every now and then in the 1970s to see if the South Congaree Book Exchange were open (it never was), and I think I drove through there on the way to AIken once. It still seems to be a pretty rural area, without much urban advance (though quite a nice Food Lion has made it there).

This particular building is on the west side of the road before you get to Food Lion (coming from the airport). I neglected to look for a street address, and google suggests a number of different possibilities (some of which may be previous or later locations for the same business).

UPDATE 31 March 2011: Added a full street address based on the comments. Apparently Edmund Highway is Main Street within South Congaree city limits.

Written by ted on March 31st, 2011

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Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant, 2200-A Airport Boulevard: 2006   15 comments

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As is the case with most non-national Mexican restaurants, Don Pedro was not the first restaurant operation in this building. To me it has sort of a Howard Johnson look to it, but I could be wrong. At any rate, the building is sited at, though not affiliated with, the Travellers Inn motel at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and I-26. I never made it to Don Pedro since I figured it would be about the same as a number of closer Mexican establishments. (Though the Free Times link below associates it with the Don Pedro on Two Notch which was supposed to be quite good).

I give 2006 as the closing date since it showed up in the Free Times Bites & Sights guide for 2006, but apparently no other year, and was not in the Feb 2007 phonebook.

Written by ted on March 29th, 2011

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Correll's Body Shop, South Bolton Street: 1990s(?)   20 comments

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This burned out body shop sits in an odd little area that I really knew nothing about. I noticed it the other week when I was getting onto I-77 West-bound from Garners Ferry Road. The area is rather industrial, with a transformer substation and nearby rail-spur, and must have been, I think, radically different before I-77 was pushed through. I'm saying "South Bolton Street" based on mapquest -- I couldn't actually see any name on the little spur leading from Planters Drive to this building, and if it's really a public street, it's a pretty forgotten one at least for any maintenance crews.

In particular, there's Veteran's Road and Old Veterans Road which must have been re-routed at that time. I also suspect that there was another road where the I-77 on-ramp is now that ran in front of the building, as the name is painted on the side which is not currently accessible by road. As for what that name is exactly, I can't say. I thought I could read it from the on-ramp, but I can't recall what I thought I saw, and the picture I took from there turned out quite poorly as far as being able to make out those letters. The "Body Shop" is clear enough, but for the first part I can only get "c-o-r-r-e-something-something".

I'm just guessing as to the time-frame for the closing. Certainly it's been long enough for the exposed interior to be pretty thoroughly tagged with graffitti.

UPDATE 28 March 2011: I've added the name "Correll's" based on the comments.

Carolina First Bank / Willis Chiro Med, 7171 Two Notch Road: 2010   5 comments

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This smallish building on a Two Notch side Columbia Mall outparcel was obviously once a bank. I really like the design, especially the endpiece which sits closest to Two Notch, and which looks like a grooved VHS cassette stood up against the rest of the building. It's just a nice little grace note that gives the building a certain retro aesthetic (it was supposedly built in 1967 which would predate the mall itself by around ten years).

WIllis Chiro Med was in the building for a number of years, something I would vaguely notice driving by. I'm not exactly sure when they closed, but given that they are listed in the current 2011 phonebook, it must have been well into 2010.

Written by ted on March 28th, 2011

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gas station / K & C Radiator Center, 2561 Two Notch Road: 2009   3 comments

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Today's post is just across the street from yesterday's post, on the Southwest corner of Two Notch and Covenant Roads (or since Covenant changes names when it crosses Two Notch, say rather on the corner of Two Notch Road & Germany Street). Normally I might not do two closings so close to each other in sequence, but given all the recent discussion about the Conrad's building, I thought it appropriate because clearly, whatever gas station that building was, this building was too -- it has the exact same curve to the right front "corner", the same shelf to the right front roofline, the same front door and window structure, and assuming the leftmost bay at Conrad's might have been bricked up, the same bay structure.

All I can say about K & C Radiator Center is that they sold and fixed radiators, and listed in the Feb 2008 phonebook, but not the Feb 2010 one.

UPDATE 15 October 2013 -- It's now a used car lot:


Written by ted on March 25th, 2011

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Willie's / Biddy's Corner Grill, 2538 Two Notch Road: mid 2000s   no comments

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This little building at the Southeast corner of Two Notch & Covenant Roads is apparently an outbuilding on the L'il Cricket lot, or at least there doesn't seem to be a separate tax record for it. This Administrative Law Court decision (for Li'l Cricket's beer & wine permit) suggests that it was initially a smoke shop, but google says that more recently, it has been Willie's and Biddy's Corner Grill.

I was going to go back some later when I had time to stop and get closeups of the signs in the window and get a longer shot showing where it is in relation to the convenience store, but somehow I never did. At any rate, it is a tiny space, and looking at the windows, seems to have been mainly a walk-up operation.

UPDATE 18 September 2013 -- Here are some pictures of it as Biddy's:




and here it is in operation again as Wright's Eatery:



Written by ted on March 25th, 2011

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Elegante Wig Gallery, 3223 Devine Street: March 2011   1 comment

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It looks like Elegante Wig Gallery, in the old Electrolux location on Devine Street has closed. I'm the wrong gender (and still have my hair so far..) so there's not much more I can say about it, other than it was not there too long as seemingly it started around 2008.

Written by ted on March 24th, 2011

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Conrad's, 2865 Devine Street: March 2011   11 comments

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Here's another quick turn-around story (like Al-Amir). I had only just heard that Conrad's was closed, but when I got around to driving by, it was already open again as Henry's.

I wish them luck, but this building has been ill-starred lately. We've had Tiffany's Bakery, Granville's and now Conrad's in just the space of a few years. Maybe it's the apostrophe.

(Hat tip to someone in the comments -- I can't find the name right now..)

Written by ted on March 23rd, 2011

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Sir George's Royal Buffet, 2120 Beltline Boulevard: 1970s   14 comments

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Here's one I have absolutely no memory of, though I would have been driven past it constantly going to and from Richland Mall. The building now at 2120 Beltline (note how it was "Belt Line" in the 1976 ad..) is a medical office next door to Moe's, and is obviously not the original restaurant building.

I have no idea how the theme played out in this restaurant either. Again, as a kid, I would have expected to notice some place with a knights and castles come-on, but am still drawing a complete blank...

(You'll notice I was having a little issue with lens fogging on the first shot here).

Written by ted on March 22nd, 2011

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