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Food Lion, 3975 Platt Springs Road: April 2020 (Moved)   no comments

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Here's another consequence of the Bi-Lo/Food Lion deal: The Food Lion on Platt Springs road has vacated its original location and has moved into the old Bi-Lo site on Emanuel Church Road. As of yet, there is nothing in the building.

The Peanut Man, 1215 Lincoln Street: Summer 2019 (Moved)   no comments

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I had written in the closing for The Peanut Man at Sandhill that both that shop and this one had been closed to open the new store on Fernandina Road, but I never got around to actually doing a closing for this one, which is still vacant.

It's interesting that one of the challanges of naming yourself The Peanut Man and having a mascot is the fact, But he can't look anything like Mr. Peanut!.

Here is The State story on the move.

Written by ted on May 3rd, 2021

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The Key Shop, Inc, 1000 Taylor Street: Early 2017 (Moved)   no comments

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I first used The Key Shop some years ago when I was having an issue with getting a key cut for one of my cars that actually worked without having to jiggle it all around. I think that by that point all I had was a copy of a copy of a copy and the standard hardware store copy process was just barely working. Anyway, they fixed me up in a few minutes with a perfectly working key.

I was a bit alarmed when I saw the building empty a while ago, but it turns out they moved to a better location at 1815 Barnwell Street and when I recently bought a used car which came with only a valet key, they were able to look at it and cut a full master with no problem so I can now actually unlock the trunk.

Here is a State story on the move.

I am not sure what's next for this little building, it's got good visibility, but the Park Street side parking is a bear.

Written by ted on April 29th, 2021

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Winn-Dixie, 248 West Columbia Avenue: 2005   no comments

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I was out driving US-1 through Batesburg-Leesville the other day, something I have not done in years, possibly not since I started this blog. Anyway, I noticed this old Winn-Dixe location, which is now a Roses Express, which I suppose designates a smaller Roses, though I don't believe I have seen one before.

Winn-Dixie left the state in 2005 after a bankruptcy, so I will use that as the closing date here.

Written by ted on April 27th, 2021

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R & R Thrift Store, 6729 Two Notch Road: December 2020   1 comment

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I noticed last time I drove by Very's to see if they were doing dine-in yet that the thrift store in the same Two Notch plaza was gone. Judging by their Facebook, they were open into at least December of last year. I used to stop into places like this all the time to look for old books and records, but both are digital for me these days, so I never did stop here. The full name seems to have been Refreshed & Restored (R&R) Ministries Thrift Store, so I guess they were associated with a church.

Written by ted on April 21st, 2021

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Nadeau Furniture With A Soul, 702 Cross Hill Road: 21 April 2021 (Moving)   no comments

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Commenter Larry points out that this furniture store in Cross Hill Market is "moving" to Greenville, though it sounds mostly like they are shipping the inventory to an already existing store there. According to their Facebook, tomorrow (21 April) will be their last day.

I think of Cross Hill Market as still a fairly new place, but there has already been a good bit of turnover there.

(Hat tip to commenter Larry)

Written by ted on April 20th, 2021

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The Flower Botique, 7832 Two Notch Road: 2017-ish (Moved)   no comments

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When I took these pictures, I was thinking this spot was PC Corner, but it turned out I had already done a closing on that, and anyway, it was two suites over. This looks to have been The Flower Botique, which has apparently moved to 8816 Two Notch. It turns out I did have a picture of that from a different closing, it's just not a very good one:


(Click through and look all the way to the left..)

Norton Car Stereo, 3326 Two Notch Road: October 2020   6 comments

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I thought about going to Norton a few times, but they weren't open on Saturday, and Best Buy was, so that was the deciding factor there. I was a bit surprised to notice that there was a closing sign on the door (which I thought I took a picture of) saying they were shutting down temporarily due to COVID-19, but when I did a google search, I found that the building went on the market in October.

As far as I know the Broad River Road location is still open.

UPDATE 22 March 2021 -- Here are the pictures of the door sign I mentioned:



Written by ted on March 19th, 2021

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Stride Rite, 471 Town Center Place Suite 5: 2020   1 comment

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I can't find out anything about this Sandhill Stride Rite shoe location except that it is no longer listed on the company's website, although I did learn that Sperry is a Stride Rite brand, which I had not known before.

Since I can find no other information, I'm going to list the closing date as 2020 under the assumption they might have been victims of the lockdowns.

Written by ted on March 17th, 2021

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Jos A. Banks, 481 Town Center Place Suite 7: Late Summer 2020   no comments

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I can't find anything in the local media about this Jos A. Banks location in Sandhill, but going by the google reviews, it closed sometime around August of 2020. The chain has had some difficulty lately, but the parent company, which also owns Mens Warehouse has Just exited Chapter 11, so perhaps things are on the upswing.

There are two remaining Banks in the Midlands, one in Harbison, and one at Trenholm Plaza.

Written by ted on March 15th, 2021

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