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Mickey's Auto Repair, 5531 Bush River Road: Summer 2019   3 comments

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Mickey's was on that section of Bush River Road (discontiguous from the main segment, and sometimes called Old Bush River Road) that connects Saint Andrews Road with the Lake Murray Dam in Lexington. I don't know much about the place other than juding by reviews, it closed some time in mid-2019. LoopNet (which has some nice sunny pictures) says the building was put up in 1980 and still has fully functioning lifts. Perhaps that's why the asking price seems rather high.

Written by ted on January 31st, 2020

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Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 612 Saint Andrews Road Suite 17: December 2019   1 comment

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This was where I had my last Sandy dog, some time in the summer of 2019. It was good, and I remember thinking I should do that more often, but in the event never did.

Casa Linda, 285 Columbiana Drive Suite A: 31 December 2019   2 comments

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Casa Linda in Forest Acres is one of my go-to places, but I don't think I've ever eaten at any of the other locations. I have eaten in this *building*, back when it was a D's Wings. Casa Linda set up shop there probably around 2013, and lasted until the end of 2019.

Actually commenter Heath mentions that this closing was more like a tidy ownership change, with El Patron quickly setting up there after year's end.

I'll note that the plaza marquee still touts the comics shop that closed in 2017.

Written by ted on January 29th, 2020

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King's Planet Pizza, 7535 Garners Ferry Road: September 2019   1 comment

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This place started as plain Planet Pizza sometime in 2017 from what I can glean online. Around June of 2019, it was bought by King's Pizza, which was at the time in the midst of a planned build-out, though only this store and the one on Forest Drive were ever actually open. I took the vacancy pictures in early October 2019, so I'm saying it probably closed in September of that year. (The picture of it open was taken in mid-September 2019). The reviews for either incarnation are mostly so-so, but I'm guessing that King's seeming over-extension was the proximate cause here.

Written by ted on January 28th, 2020

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Sub Station II, 736 Saint Andrews Road: December 2019   2 comments

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I never ate at this Sub Station II. In fact I've only eaten at the chain twice that I can recall. I find that Jimmy Johns is my go-to sub place these days (unless I'm on the coast when it is Dagwood's). I'm not sure exactly when this place closed. They did post a new picture on their Facebook page on 10 December 2019, and a commenter there notes that as of 9 January 2020 they were closed, so I'm going with "December 2019.

What I find kind of ironic is that I have been notified at least three times that neighboring WG's Chicken Wings is closed, and each time I drive out there, I find it chugging along just fine..

(Hat tip to commenter Robert)

Pier 1 Imports, 250 Harbison Boulevard: January 2020   2 comments

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As I have mentioned before, my mother, who had a taste for the odd & exotic, used to stop in at Pier 1 from time to time while I was growing up. Since that time, I believe I have only been in a Pier 1 once, and I have never been in this Harbison location.

This store is in an outbuilding by the Outback wing of the Harbison Court shopping center, which I used to visit fairly frequently for Barnes & Noble.

The State has the story on the closing, mentioning that the retailer is closing about half of its 900+ stores. So, say, that's more than 400 locations, which is a pretty whopping number. The retail apocalypse continues..

(Hat tip to commenter JCB)

UPDATE 30 June 2020: Update tags

Written by ted on January 24th, 2020

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Seafood Connection, 1072 Lake Murray Boulevard: Early January 2020   no comments

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This attractive stone-accented building up the hill from Columbiana Drive on Lake Murray Boulevard has featured here several times. First it was Atlanta Bread, which closed in May 2008, and then re-opened around September 2011, finally closing again in May of 2014. Next it was Urban Cookhouse, which closed in October 2018.

Seafood Connection, which was a second location for a Charlotte restaurant, opened here in August 2019. The State had the story celebrating the "Lowcountry boil", and "secret spice". They also had the story on the closing, putting in in context with a number of seafood openings, but with no details on the reasons.

I don't see any obvious reason why this spot is not a good one for a restaurant, but history seems to suggest it is not. We'll see what goes in next.

(Hat tip to commenter Mr. Hat)

Written by ted on January 23rd, 2020

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Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 1935 Broad River Road: December 2019   4 comments

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“Our business is doing extremely well, so it’s a funny time to be getting out of the business,” Sanderson says. “I’m starting to work on my 80th birthday and it’s beyond retirement time.”

I suppose I'll be featuring all the former Sandy's locations here before too long. This is one I actually ate at at least once, and probably a few more times after shopping expeditions to Dutch Square. This store is part of the row of restaurants and other businesses that fronts on Broad River Road and backs on (or has access to) Diamond Lane in the former Intersection Center. I see now that (presumably) the church which bought all the back property has put gates cutting off through access to Diamond Lane, which I can understand -- it was kind of an odd setup.

The State has more details on Sandy's history and closing.

UPDATE 4 February 2021 -- As mentioned in the comments, this building is to become Asian Express:


Cost Plus World Market, 210 Forum Drive: Late January 2020   2 comments

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Google calls Cost Plus World Market a "furniture store". I had never thought of it that way. The only time I went inside this (or any World Market), I was attracted by the food aisles, and didn't really notice any furnishing. Indeed, I think the only thing I've ever had from the chain was a gift of some exotic chocolate bars one birthday.

Commenter Rashaad Egister pre-called this closing back in September of 2019. Apparently World Market was bought by Bed, Bath & Beyond back in 2012, and is caught up in a round of closings for that chain.

(Hat tip to commenter Rashaad Egister)

UPDATE 29 January 2020: Added the first two daytime pictures from 6 October 2019 at top.

UPDATE 14 October 2020 -- This space is not setting up to be an American Eagle:





Written by ted on January 21st, 2020

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Jimmy John's, 10008 Two Notch Road: December 2019   no comments

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I like Jimmy John's, and I go there every now and then for the JJBLT. I do wish they had nicer booths, and let you keep the bread core they trim when hollowing out the rolls, but it's a decent sandwich. I was recently in Pensylvania for work, and ate dinner at an Indian restaurant that was a former Jimmy John's and still had the whimsical (and mildy risque) plaques in the men's room -- wonder what the customers actually from India who might not have recognized the branding made of that..

This location replaced a Quiznos in 2013. I honestly thought it was more recently than that. I'm not sure exactly when it closed, but there are reviews from the last few weeks, so it was either last month or this. The place is currently being gutted, so perhaps something new is already on the way.

(Hat tip to commener Matthew Benjmain)

Written by ted on January 18th, 2020

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