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Cayce Lunch / Philips 66 / Cayce Bait & Tackle Co, Inc. / Frink Street Social Club / B & B Corner Bar & Grill, 506 Frink Street: May 2011   19 comments

Posted at 11:04 pm in closing

I have to admit that when commenter badger mentioned this place (at the corner of State & Frink Streets) was closed, I had never even heard of Frink Street. As it turns out, I have crossed over it on my way down the 12th Street extension to I-77, but I'm pretty sure I had never actually been on it before this last Sunday. In terms of this blog, it presents something of a "target rich environment". Does anyone know where the interesting (and fun-to-say) name comes from?

From the look at the layers on the roadside sign, I'm guessing this place was a Philips 66 before anything else in the list, with that name being painted over for the Bait & Tackle name. The Secretary of State's web site says that Cayce Bait & Tackle went under in 2004, in some sort of forfeiture, and was followed by the Frink Street Social Club which has never been officially dissolved. I'm not sure if B & B would be the connected with the club or not, but kudos to them for not using the trendy (and incorrect) Grille spelling in their name..

(As an aside, the "look" of this building would tend to validate this one as a Philips 66).

(Hat tip to commenter badger).

UPDATE 12 June 2011: Commenter badger sends in this picture of the "Lizard Woman" mural that once graced Cayce Bait & Tackle:


But of course, I must remind folks of the real story of South Carolina's lizard infestation, related by my sister (who changed names to protect the innocent) in her book, The Lizard Man of Crabtree County

UPDATE 6 February 2012: Added Cayce Lunch to the post title based on information from commenter Sid whose family used to own the place -- be sure to read the comments! Also, apparently the Philips 66 was a separate building (now gone?).

Written by ted on May 31st, 2011

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Carwash, 334 Harbison Boulevard: Mid 1990s   6 comments

Posted at 11:20 pm in closing

While I was taking pictures out on Harbison the other day, I ran across this Subway in the Shell station lot at the corner of Harbison and Park Terrace.

From the way an access lane leads right to the building (and out out the non-pictured side), I can form no other conclusion than that this Subway was once a drive-through carwash!

UPDATE 31 May 2011: Change closing date from "2000s" to "Mid 1990s" based on the comments.

UPDATE 14 February 2019: Add location icon, tags.

Written by ted on May 30th, 2011

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B & C Northeast Auto Sales, 10260 Two Notch Road: 2000s   5 comments

Posted at 1:51 am in closing

I had been wondering about this vacant lot at Fore Avenue just past Husqvarna and across from Sandhill for a while, but it seemed that whenever I was in the area I would forget exactly where it was and drive past it.

Given the poster I found in the ditch, I thought for a minute it might have been a trailer operating as a botique, but instead, and unsurprisingly, it turned out to be another of Two Notch Road's many car lots.

It's obviously been closed for more than a few years as the whole lot is becoming verdant and overgrown (even including small trees). There are for-sale signs just past the paved frontage, but it's not clear to me whether it includes this lot, or just the wooded area at the next corner (Two Notch & Burmaster Drive). In theory these should be valuable properties due to the Sandhill proximity, but given that Sandhill can't even get full occupancy at present, "in theory" may be the operative words.

UPDATE 7 June 2016 -- Now Hobby Lobby and associated fronting strip-mall:





Written by ted on May 28th, 2011

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Quiznos Sub, 1401-A Sumter Street: April 2011   6 comments

Posted at 11:59 pm in Uncategorized

Commenter Jonathan reported this closing, saying

Quizno’s on Sumter is now closed…The owner left a note on the door that he has closed immediately due to health concerns. He always had a smile on his face, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Let me second those wishes!

This corner spot (on Sumter & Washington) is directly across from the old RCPL site, so I know I must have seen it many times over the years, and I know that it hasn't been Quiznos that long, but I'm drawing a total blank on what may have been here before, even to as basic a piece of information as whether it was a restaurant or not..

Written by ted on May 26th, 2011

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China One Chinese Restaurant, 5718 Farrow Road: 2009 (moved)   1 comment

Posted at 10:34 pm in Uncategorized

I thought I had already posted this one. I distinctly remember taking a bunch of pictures of the vacant building, but apparently I never go around to uploading them and making a post.

Anyway, this Chinese restaurant moved from its rather delapidated building up the street to 5432 Farrow Road. In the meantime, between when I took the original, missing, pictures, and when I took this one in January 2011, Pari Mini Mart & Deli has moved in. This makes (at least) two non-Chinese places with Chinese decor in town. (At least three if Grandma's hasn't changed their sign yet).

UPDATE 10 January 2012 -- A better picture of the new location:

Written by ted on May 25th, 2011

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Harbison Medical Building, 320 Harbison Boulevard: Late May 2011   19 comments

Posted at 12:11 am in closing

Written by ted on May 25th, 2011

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Floor It Now, 7740 Broad River Road: May 2011   5 comments

Posted at 10:42 pm in closing

I did a closing for the Two Notch Road Floor It Now back in early 2009. Now the other local location, in or near Irmo, is closing as well. This one is on Broad River Road just past exit 101B on I-26 and not far from Friarsgate Plaza and the former Tez's / Monterrey.

I suspect that the housing market and the economy in general played a big part in both of these closings. If you're buying a house, you may want to redo the flooring or carpet, or if you're flush, you may decide one morning that that old carpet just has to go. If nobody is buying houses, or decides that old rug can stay down a few more years, then flooring stores are going to take a hit.

Or it could be the shag.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 16 July 2013: This is now Main Street Home whose owners provide this picture of the new store in the comments:

UPDATE 8 May 2017 -- And finally took a shot of my own:


UPDATE 22 September 2021: Adding map icon.

Written by ted on May 23rd, 2011

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Copa Restaurant, 810 South Edisto Avenue: 1970s   no comments

Posted at 1:56 am in Uncategorized

"No Beatin' Good Eatin'" -- that's certainly a slogan I can get behind, though in the event we never ate at the Copa. This part of town, I must admit, was something of a mystery to me growing up, and to some extent still is.

I didn't really expect this building to still be there, but as it turns out there are a lot of old buildings on Edisto Avenue and in the general vicinity. At least I'm pretty sure it's the Copa building. The ad is from the 1970 Southern Bell phonebook, and this building easily dates from that era, or before.

I'm sure the building has been a number of things since the Copa, but google doesn't really turn up anything except this loopnet listing which suggests it was last a warehouse (and claims a 1980 build date). For a warehouse, it's quite small..

Written by ted on May 23rd, 2011

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Sign Of The Times   4 comments

Posted at 11:09 pm in Uncategorized

Written by ted on May 22nd, 2011

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The YMCA Camp (The 'Y' Camp) / R. G. Bell Camp / Bell Camp, Mallet Hill Road: Mid 1980s   51 comments

Posted at 11:12 pm in closing


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